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Is it possible to upload a model for painting without UVing it?


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I like to model cars. And I follow a few 3D car modelers on youtube. Their preference is not to UV map the car and use shaders.  Using image based textures there is no need to UV map. The shaders simulate automobile paints (candy apple red, blue, matte black etc) and metals (chrome, steel, aluminum, etc). By not having UV maps and using shaders there are no seams as are with UV maps and image based textures.

Does 3D Coat allow the use of non texture based shaders which do not require UVmaps like Blender, 3DMax, DAZ Studio, Poser, etc? 

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What I am asking is if I create a model in Blender, MOI3D, Silo3D or some other modeling app and the OBJ has defined material zones ie: body, front bumper, grille, rear bumper, chrome trim, head lights, tail lights, etc. Can I import this OBJ into the paint room without UV mapping it and apply smart materials to the material zones?

When I try, it seems like it must be UV mapped. This is the preferred most car models are textured, using shaders and not image based textures which require UVing.

I know sculpt objects can be painted with the PBR Shaders (not to be confused with Smart Materials) in the sculpt room but that is not what I am asking.

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first - export obj with separated parts,

Option 1: import to 3DC to sculpt room and then switch to paint room, you will be able to paint on vertex and use smart materials etc. 

Option 2: import for (Mircro vertex) from what I understand it will auto unwrap for better performances (no need to change anything, it is automated) and you will be able to paint 


But I don't see any reason to not unwrap it (fast and dirty auto unwrap) you will have more flexibility. If you want only car paint shader, like paint car, then there is no need to use 3DC, just apply it in blender etc and render :)

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Thanks kindly, I really appreciate the reply.

I only enjoy modeling in Blender. I do not like using Blender (or DAZ Studio or Vue for that matter) for applying materials. 

So 3DC does not support non-image based textures (ie: shaders), like Blender, DAZ Studio, 3DMax, and other apps do? 

Whenever I import an OBJ into the Sculpt room and I choose the option not to voxelize, the model has all kinds of issues with artifacting, bad shading and distortion of topology.

If I choose to voxelize then I have a sculpt model which I must retopo which is silly as I already have a good quad based model to begin with.

Many thanks


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