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[Fixed] Eraser not completely erasing color

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I scouted the forums but found nothing regarding this.
The eraser, even at 100%, seems to not completely erase color. It leaves very subtle un-erasable paint behind, which looks pretty bad.

I work with toony texturing and shading, 3DCoat is great for it. This bug however really ruins the look of things. It forces me to erase it outside 3DCoatTextura, and that's kind of a pain.

A couple of contrast-boosted examples (its hard to see with gif compression and all)



without boosted contrast on a simple sphere:



- New Paint uv mapped mesh -> default sphere 
- Switch to flat shading for easy visibility 
- painting only color (preferable black) paint on empty layer layer1 
- Erase with either ctrl or eraser itself. Notice it still leaves subtle unerasable color.

I am using 3DCoatTextura. I tested multiple versions and found that it was on version 2022.14 where it started happening. I can't see the changelog so I don't know what was introduced then. Haven't tested on normal 3DCoat.
Happens also on latest 2022.32.
Doesn't seem to affect gloss or depth.
Tried many settings to try to erase it but couldn't, except for Make Transparent, but that erases everything, or erasing it outside 3dcoat.
Curiously, if you use the eraser tool while holding down ctrl, it brings the "erased" color back. 

On 2022.13 it erases it completely. I'll have to stick to that for now.
Hoping this will get fixed soon. It's silly that an eraser isn't actually erasing :(


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