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When I move a Multiply layer into a new group, the texture disappears?


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I like to keep things organized and would like every element I paint to have their own group. So say for example I have a car and I am working on the wheels with multiple layers ([SCREEN], [MULTIPLY] etc], but then I move over to the windows and do the same thing, you can imagine the amount of layers for an entire car will add up exorbitantly.

So here's my problem, I just made a group and when I drag a [SCREEN] layer into this group, the [SCREEN] attribute is no longer applied or is overwritten by the group attribute [STANDARD BLEND]

Am I doing something wrong?


Yes I've set the attributes correctly as you can see in the next imageimage.thumb.png.d43909b80098e2be965a05eeb064d39d.png

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