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[Feature] Export Heightmap within set black and white range


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I am requesting a feature that will allow the exporting of heightmaps within a range, where the highest white value can be set based on distance rather than the highest point sculpted. This could be added to the Export Scene along Y axis, or something could be added into the retopo room similar to how 3DS Max and Mudbox bakes height from one plane to another, the height difference being the range of the black and white mask.

A little info on why I am requesting this feature:

I have been trying to sculpt a terrain and export a heightmap where black = 0m and white = 3200m. The tools currently available that I am aware of will output a map where white is equal to the highest point I have sculpted. So if I sculpt a mountain of 300m and that is my tallest point, when I export the heightmap then white will = 300m. This is a problem when I need white to = 3200m. 

When I import this heightmap into another program such as Gaea or World Machine the height will be inaccurate in comparison to the X and Y scale forcing me to manually adjust the heightmap values, and if the max height I have sculpted changes, then I would need to do that calculation with every export from 3D Coat. 

I have asked around and looked up solutions to this and so far have not found any way to do what I am looking for so I am assuming 3D Coat does not have this functionality at present.


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