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Exact metrics and scale values


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I am really having a hard time getting 3D coat to work with any kind of scale value, I need to be able to sculpt to exact scales and dimensions. 

What I am trying to do is sculpt a terrain, and setting a sculpt brush to always sculpt to a max height. So for example I could sculpt to a max height of 300 meters and know when I export my heightmap and then import into engine, that the height will be 300 meters. 

There have been a few issues I have found, firstly I could not seem to export a heightmap where I could set white to be 3200 meters and black to be 0. Instead 3D coat always makes the heightst point value white. 

So I decided I would sculpt 2 spots on my mesh, one to be 3200 meters and one at 0 meters, which I would not sculpt above or below, ensuring white would be 3200 and black 0. Unfortunatly I then realized that brush depth changes depending on the radius of the sculpt brush and I have no idea how I am supposed to ensure I am working with correct scales. 

Please tell me there is a way to work in 3D coat with exact dimensions. 

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