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Volumetric painting in a natural way

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There is so much power working in this new way. I know it's still early, but it has changed how I think about building up a textured surface in voxels. The only drawback is if I want sharp details in my textures, I have to increase the voxel density quite a bit. I might be missing something, so if anyone has any suggestions to capturing high levels of detail in the texture, but not go too crazy on the voxel density, I would love to hear how I can achieve that.  Anyway, here's an example where I constructed a simple board but put it together with voxel paint depth and started adding wear to it in a very, natural and non-destructive way.

Thanks to the 3D Coat geniuses for adding this feature. can't wait to see where you take it next!



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I have been using volumetric painting to clean up 3d-Scans. In this case, the volumetric paint is not used to bake color to the final lowpoly, it is only used to help with the cleaning up process. In the end the retopo is sent back to the photogrammetry software for retexturing.

In the same manner, I think what you could do in your case it to use those smart materials as a preview.
Here is what you would do :

For each smart material you use, create a new paint layer, fill it, and attach the smart material to the layer. (right click smart material > attach to layer).

After sculpting like you do in the video above, retopo and bake, then hide the sculpt and go to paint room.

In paint room, click on one of the layers with an attached smart material and use the fill tool to fill it again (the right click > fill option on layer won't work). Now, the lowpoly will be painted at the texture resolution. Additionally you can now paint with depth.
Do the same for the other layers with attached smart materials. (the only problem I foresee is that the depth of each layer will be added, so you have to find a way around that. Clip masks don't seem to work for depth, I think that is a bug).

Be careful to save incrementally at each step, because there is a risk of crashes. While testing this just now I experienced a crash when selecting a smart material, which did not occur the second time I tried with the same steps. Also when I filled the volume with smart material the voxels turned black until I switched rooms.


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