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Scan depth altering tool can not manage concaved mesh well

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I really often see issue, when try to set bake scan depth  (inner and outer), why 3d coat can not scale normal direction correctly for Cage? :unknw:

see this pic please... I add rough concave and convext with rough sculpt and now try to bake as displacement (with normal)

It is silly sculpt, but I hope to confirm  way, to generate displacement map for imported multiple UV set character,, so I test with simple clear case,

Now I Only sculpt face UV part with surface sculpting,  then  I hope to bake displacement map.


So to bake, I need to adjust cage (inner and outer, with 3d coat offer tool) or I simply got mess up normal map and dispmap,

then I try to adjust both cage. but the cage adjust tool is really really buggy for me..

1.   It suddenly start to work, but often stop again and again, then I change strength to up 2.0 etc, but after all it often stop when I try to push in,   I can not adjust it well..

2.  I know  I only need to scale UP outer shell to  normal direction, and do reverse for inner shell,, but if I try to use Scan depth outside/inside,

it only work for simple mesh, but to adjust conplex concave and convex meshes,, it simply circulate,, so some part not shrink but extend reverse direction.even though

I try to push in shell (for inner shell)




So to adjust those reverse part, I need to use the blush again, but as I said it often stop to work. or suddenly start to deform.

then pause again.  Without this adjust ment tool work corfreclty, I do not think I can generate clean Normal map, or displacement.

I think if I can directly import export cage, (because it is actually duplicated instance of retopo room, I suppose) I may adjust both cage, in anotehr aprication.

Or please offer more reliable tool to adjust cage shape for baking...Actually just set cage for this shape, I really often need to stop and try again,

I can not believe, deform cage along with current haigh poly is so difficult,, because 3d coat offer flexible tool but it not work as I expected..


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Carosan thanks I now trying those,, then as you said, using snap to outer surface seems work better.

but I still see the adjustment brush suddenly stop to work...it usually when I change place to brush,, it pause to work .as if 3d coat try to circulate physics simulation ^^;

My cpu and memory is quite good (I suppose), so do not know why the cage adjustment tool often stop to work.. (no deform)

Usually it work when I cancel and re-start adjust cage,, but when I move view and change place to adjust ment detail, it suddenly stop.

I really do not konw when It start to deform, or stop again. (so usually it suddenly work again, then I often corrupt detail part):unknw:

I hope to request, so 3d coat offer many modeling tool (or at least we can manipulate each vertex,) can not we use it to adjust shell (inner/outer)?

eg shell tweak mode. >>. now we can adjust inner / outer cell with use retopo room select/transform tool.




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And I have one question to bake displacement (not normal):mellow:

 usually when we bake displacement from High poly sculpted to target,,, I need to set target mesh sub-D as same as high poly resolution.

eg I start sculpt with sub-Devide 3 times in sculpt room (surface mode)

 then adjust more detail locally (add sub-D for specific area). then to bake displacement map, at least we may need to use 3 or 2 sub-D for bake setting

 but the problem is,, if I set sub-D as 3 when bake (generate mesh ,textures for paint room)

>> 3d coat seems can not manage high poly mesh in paint room well,, , it usually make 3d coat stop to work..

About normal map, I usually only set sub-D as 1 or 2 (So I pose my rig figure with this setting)

But when I render with detail displacement, I use adaptive sub-D (it auto set sub-D from camera distance)  or set sub-D as 3 or 4. 

 so to bake displacement for 3 times sub-D target mesh, I need to set sub-D 3times when baking displacement.. Is it right?   

if I do not set-sub D but bake it for non sub-D mesh,  usually it show these arti-fact (polygon line) in paint room...  Then I suppose if I use this displacement map,

it will show these mesh line in blender too... or there is setting not show these line but can bake disp for non sub-D (or low sub-D) mesh?





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Ok now I could generate better disp (exr) when I  set initial sub D as 3  :) (though I may hope to set as 4 if I can,..) then could check in blender.

So the problem is "stability of cage adjustment tool (use brush type deform)" ,  to bake good clean detail  when I deform hard in sculpt room..

if there is tool which can select + move normal (plus minus) for cages, it will work better for detail adjust ment (I may use to adjust convex and concave detail area). I feel...

at current  brush deforming is difficult and not stable to adjust those detail area I feel..

About other things, (eg I can directly check how baked displacement work, in paint room with both map / and can add more detail with paint sculpture,,etc

I like those much. 

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