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3D Coat - Working with Factures (Vertex Texturing)

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Finally had some time to get back into the Factures workflow. I've decided to make a walkthrough video of this feature, if anyone is interested in knowing more about it. I hope it continues to evolve, as it's a really cool idea.



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Thank you for the tutorial, alexn007. I have created a simple mesh with factures on it. See the picture below. How do I prepare it for export as obj or fbx ?  I would like to import it to another 3D software, such as Blender. Should I freeze something, bake it or something else before exporting? There are so many options and I honestly don't understand all the 3D-jargon. Could you (or someone else reading this) make a step-by-step instruction on how to get my mesh with factures ready for export? Many thanks in advance!  :rolleyes:

Factures Mesh in 3DCoat.png

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so, if I may ask for a little help, Im trying to fallow Working with Factures tutorial but I`m unable to use Facture spot, this is a tool to project large textures on a surface object with one click right ? (Im makinga terrain in Gaea, I have one big mesh and one color texture) . when I click on facture spot (with flat projection set in 3dcoat) I just paint small stroke of the textures,

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