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Tieguaili's 3DCoat Basic Brush Pack

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A set of basic sculpting brushes for 3D coat, a regular clay buildup with built-in smoothing for easy and clean adding/subtracting of clay, "cracks" for deeper thinner lines like damage or panel lines, hard and soft carve for sharper marking, and an improved trim adaptive that offers more control and easier smoothing.


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got my basic voxel brushes pretty much ready for testing if anyone feels like giving them a shot and letting me know how they handle, clay is something along the lines of clay buildup form zbrush, carve is like dam standard, hard polish is as close as i've been able to get to hpolish, and pinch is just a more forgiving and generally useful pinch

let me know how they handle so i can keep refining them

once they're all working as well as possible for people i'll slap them up on gumroad or somewhere free

still working on the trim dynamic copy so that'll be added next


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