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Clip Mask Layer doesn't work with Cavity RGB


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I'm testing the Clip Mask Layer function, and it works fine if I create a new layer to use it as a mask, and I paint on it.

I would expect it to work when linked to the Cavity RGB layer, but in that case I see no change in the layer I'm trying to mask out.

For instance, in this screenshot, the dark area is the result of the mask I painted on the layer "Mask":


But then, if I link the Cavity Map instead, I don't get any variation:


And if I invert the Clip Mask, the whole layer is hidden:


I tried using the AO layer as a mask, but I guess the contrast in the AO is too subtle to actually create any usable value for masking.

I thought I could use the Cavity map as a mask in the Clip Layer as well. Is that not the case?

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So, I tried with a copy of the AO pass. I increased the contrast, blurred the layer, in order to get a decent degree of gray value to push the mask a little more.

Here's the modified AO:

And still nothing:


Shouldn't this work?

Not sure what I'm missing, though I seem to remember when I tried an older 3d Coat trial, this workflow worked fine.

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Is not working as mask, confirmed


Tieguaili: clip masks in coat are alpha masks, not greyscale masks
[4:21 AM]phoenixart: oh!
[4:22 AM]phoenixart: so, there's no way to use a simple grayscale layer, I see now
[4:22 AM]phoenixart: that's quite a limitation
strange, because the Cavity RGB map already works for the smart materials
[4:22 AM]Tieguaili: if you want to use greyscale you're gonna have to send layers out to an external editor and change luminance to transparency
[4:22 AM]phoenixart: got it
[4:23 AM]Tieguaili: cavityRGB mask isn't a clip mask 
[4:23 AM]Tieguaili: neither are curvature masks or anything else
[4:23 AM]Tieguaili: they're basically gradient maps

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I added a temporary solution to the conversation above:

phoenixartToday at 12:55 AM

A couple of workarounds for what I'm trying to do.

The simplest, is to change the blending mode of what I wanted to use as a clip mask, to multiply.

The other method is to use Align Colors.
So, now I can start from an AO pass, paint on it if I need to, and use it sort of as a curvature map without going the Smart Materials route.
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I think I'm trying to do something similar...

I have a wood texture, but I want to desaturate the lighter parts of it.  At first I desaturated it in 3DCoat, and adjusted the contrast and brightness to get a good 'mask' layer. However nothing I tried would apply it as a mask. I eventually remembered that clipping masks in 3DCoat work off the transparency layer, NOT greyscale images. I exported the colour layer, opened it in Krita, used the 'Colour to Alpha' tool to convert the light areas to transparent, and leave the darker areas opaque; then re-imported this into 3DCoat to use as my clipping mask.

I'm not expecting 3DCoat to switch to using greyscale images as clipping masks, that appears to be a large change which has been requested before. However, I think a simple script on the layers right-click menu which basically turns greyscale images into layers with varying levels of transparency (The standard seems to be white to fully opaque, black to fully transparent, and varying levels/gradient inbetween) would be very helpful, and would mean users no longer need to jump outside of 3DCoat on such occasions.



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