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[Bug] Export with UDIMs problem

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Hey, thanks in advanced for checking this out :)

I'm having a major problem exporting a mesh from 3DCoat Textura into UE5.


My workflow -

1- Import UV'd mesh from Rizom, with islands set to a line of UDIMs. I've got 'Import Tiles as UV Sets' set to on. There's one material set, and the right number of tile sets

2- Paint on the model and then export everything with 'UV Sets as Tiles'


Problem Results -

1- The UDIM ids don't match the fbx imported from Rizom. 1002 becomes 1011, etc.

2- If I re-export the mesh at the same time, it seemingly removes all UVs during the export

3- If I applying materials with the generated texture maps to the original fbx file from Rizom nothing lines up - see No1

Nothing I do in UE5 to eith the original fbx or the fbx I exported from 3DCoat Textura fixes anything, the textures don't match the UVs, or the UVs are completely stripped out.

I've seen advice about correcting the UDIMS in an external program, but this seems insanely complex for something that should just work... and this seems to be something that should just work?

Any help anyone can give would be massively appreciated... Searches come up with advice for working with multiple UV sets, but don't solve the issue.


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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Bug] Export with UDIMs problem
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Hey Carlosan,

Thanks for the response :)

You said to contact Andrew... but I'm not clear how to do that? The above link just takes me to google and asks me to login as Andrew, but doesn't give an email address


Thanks :)


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