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Cintiq pen offset in 3D Coat

Quinn Smith

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Hey all, while using 3D Coat, my Cintiq pen is severely offset from where the actual pen is touching the screen. In this scenario drawing with a mouse works correctly, and the Cintiq pen works correctly in other programs. This issue seems to only be happening within 3D Coat. Any ideas? Thanks. 

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Hi Quinn.. Hmmm.. I had this issue when turning on my Cintiq Pro 24 after not having used it for a while, the offset i had was visible already in Windows though, so i had the offset constantly, calbration didn't work either and thought it was broken.. don't remember exactly what i did but i think i just rebooted my computer while the Cintiq was turned on so it sensed it properly on startup and did a calibration afterwards which made  it work again.

I have had this in the past with an Cintiq HD that sometimes when turning on the Cintiq after the computer has booted was a 50/50 chance it couldn't find the Cintiq and i have had this 1 time with the Pro.. so... a little bit finnicky still

EDIT: Reading up on your issue though i know the Cintiq config setup has separate pen settings for each software but don't know how this works in this case if you don't treat it separately.. or.. if you do separate settings for when 3DC is used.. Maybe try to remove any other 3D software from that config to treat all 3D applications the same.. i.e resetting the config to be used for any app you use... OR try to make specific settings for 3DC...
I have had no issues with it except that weird offset i mentioned above...

Also: Did you set Wintab in 3DC preferences? What is your settings in Windows? So it's not a combination of settings in Windows that clash in 3DC

But hope you solve it:   i use 2022.042 btw if it happens to be an issue with one of the builds

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