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Sculpt mesh to Paint room constantly failing no matter the workflow


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This mesh is proving to be tough to get it done.


Autopo doesn't work, no matter what settings I try.

Only decimation seems to give me a chance at unwrapping this mesh.

After the unwrapping, I did the automap before baking the normals.

In the paint room, I then baked the curvature, and the AO pass. All seemed to be working fine.



The problem occurs when I apply the first material. The preview looks fine:




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But when I apply it, these areas are blurry:


I would understand that if I were using the uv-mapping projection to apply the texture, and perhaps those islands had the wrong scale, but I'm using cube mapping.

I spent around 3 hours redoing the whole process over, and over again to no avail.

Any hints?

Edit: by looking at the UV map again, I think the islands are indeed too small. Could that affect the cube-mapping? And if that's the case, how can I fix the map in order to get better islands?

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More oddities: when switching back to the retopo room, I get this warning:


So, I pressed OK, but the result is nothing like the one I prepared in the UV room:


So, I went back to the UV room, and applied the UV-set:


But when I went back to the Retopo room I got the same warning again (!)

And the UV map is still nothing like the one in the UV room.

Definitely, not an easy ride... 

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wait - retopo room and UV room are not synchronized.

The Tweak room and the UV room are companion workspaces to the paint workspace in the sense that they work exclusively on paint objects.

In this videos we are going to look at the three different mesh types that exist in 3DCoat they are associated with the three primary workspaces paint, retopo, and sculpt.

It's important to know the differences between them.




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Your textures look blurry because Texel density is not proportional
Use Join Cluster to join small islands
and pack or pack2 to scale uniform

Change Projection type, camera or UV mapping to see different results applying SMaterials



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