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How do I prevent retopology layers from further changes while working on other layers? (lock/freeze/deactivate poly group to keep it visible but unchangable)



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28 minutes ago, Carlosan said:


Are you using latest version ?
Open Windows > Panels > Polygroups

Meshes are not listed on Retopo Room ?

> lock/freeze/deactivate poly group it is not possible currently

Yes, all the parts are listed in Poly Groups. If there is no way to lock the poly group, perhaps there are some other way to lock selected polygons? Or to work on selected only? Or any other overcome?
For example: for any complex game model, limited in polycount. You finnished retopologizing the body and start working on clothes and accessories. All the accessories has different shapes, yet in many cases you'd need to keep the loops approximately at the same place as the base mesh, to a) make rigging process easier; b) prevent any issues with overlapings during animation. So You need to see the base mesh topology to adjust the new one. I don't realy care the way of doing it, but is there any way to safely display the base mesh topology while retopologizing the objects that will be placed on top of the base mesh without any risk of changing the basemesh?

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2 hours ago, Oleg_Shapo said:

Good afternoon! Here you can try to do the following -


Next, go to the sculpting room and subdivide the resulting mesh.

And then in the Modeling or Retopology room in the SculptTree enable the ghost of the object


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