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[Fixed] Strange behavior, re : Stamp brush and Symmetry

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I've come across something strange in 2022.48 (in fact, in the 2022 series):

When using the stamp brush to place details on a mesh, with Symmetry enabled on the X axis, It sometimes does not place the details on one side.

I've noticed that as the surface you're stamping on approaches vertical, the chance increases.

Steps to repeat:

1) Create a cube, centered on the origin, and take it into the paint room.

2) Enable symmetry across the X axis, chose a brush alpha, and stamp mode.

3) Most of the stamps should appear across the x axis, but not all.  Also, varying the size can cause symmetry to fail as well - usually smaller.

This doesn't happen in 4.9.65 (which is the most recent version I could get working; 2021 wants to crash).

If someone could verify this and let the devs know, or knows a workaround/fix for it, I'd appreciate it.

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Just updated to 2022.49, and sadly, this bug is still there.

1) Start a new project, paint UV mapped mesh.
2) Load Cube
3) Enable X axis Symmetry (either X Mirror, or Radial Mirror).
4)Choose the Stamp Brush, choose an alpha, and begin to paint.

5)Bug should present itself.  Tends to happen at smaller sizes and angles.  Does not happen in all instances.  It's almost like 3DCoat is losing the symmetry across the X-Axis.  This happens with X/Y/Z Mirror and Radial Mirror.

The work around of using the stamp drag brush works fine so long as the size of the alpha remains constant, and it doesn't have to change orientation on the mesh.  It also gets flaky about orientation when you snap to a vertex.

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And here we go again...

After re-downloading 2022.54 after the updater ate the executable, and re-installing...

Bug is still there, using the aforementioned steps to reproduce, across all forms of symmetry, using multiple brushes of varying resolutions.

On the off chance it might be me, Are there any particular version driver versions known to cause issues?  I'm running  an nVidia RTX3060, Studio Drivers 517.40, under Windows 10 Pro 21H2 19044.2251, on an i7-960 3.2ghz w/ 24GB ram (which tests good).  DirectX runtime is 12.0, feature level 12_1.  OpenGL is 4.6.0.

I've been having issues after trying to update to newer nVidia drivers, because they're not recognizing the second monitor properly on installation on version past 517.40.

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Pretty much a repeat of the last couple of posts.  Problem persists in 2022.58.

Managed to update drivers to current studio drivers.  (Had to update the BIOS in my monitor. *****?)

Same methods to generate.

And it's only the stamp brush in the paint room.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Fixed] Strange behavior, re : Stamp brush and Symmetry
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