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Shader looks different/ muddy?



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My chair back has the same gold shader applied as the rest of my chair but it appears muddy? Its a default shader. I have re-voxed and tried everything. Im a noob but I am normally good at finding an answer. It doesn't seem to be a layer issue, could it be normals? I would think not since its a vox layer. I have tried different shaders to no avail.


Any ideas would be highly appreciated,


(I originally had this in the wrong forum :)




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I figured it out.
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I just kept working and then I realized it turned to gold. I think a boolean operation did it, but I wasn't paying attention. I just all of a sudden thought, "OMG, its gold now!"

No idea but next time I will try your suggestion. ;)



EDIT: I figured it out. SOmehow I had gotten an extra layer added. :P Layers have been tricksie for me. All good.

I love this software.



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