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[Resolved] 3DConnexion Spacemouse - Rotation inverts direction issue



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Managed to find the issue after some thinking ( good to sleep sometimes) and the use of the 3Dconexxion viewer.

The issue happens when an object has Z up coordinate ( don't think Left/Right handed matters ) and having ticked "Rotate around Y axis". and some camera settings.
This happened out of the blue when working on a model so not sure the camera view was reset in between saving / loading the model.. Knowing about it makes it easier though

As confusing this app can be at times coming from other 3D apps i'm happy if this helps any other 3DCoater to a smoother experience. The spacemouse is really addicting



== Bla, bla bla message =======================================

Hi. I know some of you here uses the spacemouse and i'd like to throw this out here first before bombarding 3DConnexion about a fix

I own he enterprise version but i think this issue is not hardware related meaning it's valid for all versions of the SPM, also i think this problem comes with the Spacemouse software, not 3DC, curious how you handle this, if you know it exist or just don't bother.
I think it's very annoying.

If you continously rotate the object on screen with the puck and at the same time tilt it forward or backward, i.e continously rotating left or right and at the same time continously rotation forward / backward, at one point, which i think is the 180  / -180 degree crossover, the object on screen inverts its left/right rotation direction.

Programmatically i can't see this as a huge problem to fix in software just checking when the crossover value is met and flip it.

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