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Pixelated Ambient Occlusion on exported map.



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Hi there, Im trying to bake a high poly model to a flat plane. It looks ok inside the app, and bakes ok. Once exported to a PNG it looks like pixelated low rez image. I cant find anything about this issue. 


If i edit the maps in an external editor (Photoshop) the AO looks fine there and can be saved. 

Steps to replicate :

1. Import High poly mesh

2. Import a simple flat plane as the Retopo mesh 

3. Calculate Occlusion 

4. Bake  Normals + Flat Displacement

5. Export maps from Paint room as "Unreal 5" preset. 


System  M1 Max - MacOS 13.1 , 3dCoat 2022.33 . I've also tested it in older 2021 version or the latest 2022.55 and the issues is present. 

Is there anyway to fix this? 

Baked Occlusion.jpg

In App Occlusion.jpg

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