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[Solved] Slow performance with every build. Feels like 20fps viewport.

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Hello, community!

I have a very annoying problem.
My 3d coat performance is really bad — It feels like i have 20 fps in viewport.
And there is no lags, no freezes, rendering is ok but overall it feels like something is off.
I have latest build (same problem with every build).
I reinstall 3dCoat several times.
I restore everything in 3DCoat to default.
I updated drivers for GPU.
I even reinstall tablet drivers (but with mouse i have same problem).

In every other programm (C4D, Blender, Zbrus etc...) everything is OK. 

I install same build on another PC and there is no problem. Super smooth performance.
Can you help me with advice, where i need to look to solve this problem?

My PC:
Processor i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz
RAM  64.0 GB
 64-bit Win 10 

PS: today i tried Edit - Reset to Default Settings and i had about 5 minutes without problem with great performance. Not for long) I tried it again and of course this didnt help.

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Sometimes if you delete the "3DCoat" and "3DCoatV4" folders in your /home/Documents folder, which 3DCoat automatically generates on initial run of the program, will solve some problems with the development builds. May be a good place to start. You will lose your preferences and any user level changes you made. Recommended just renaming the afore mentioned files with something different like "3DCoat_old" or "3DCoatV4_old" and run the app again so 3DCoat generates new files and you don't lose your prefs. If it starts behaving normally then you know the issue was somewhere in the files you renamed.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Slow performance with every build. Feels like 20fps viewport.

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