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Paint Room bug hunt - report it here

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On linux. Using ...30 and windows ...31. From start menu choose Deep displacement and any of the character presets. I choose the head. Once the scene is loaded choose enter full screen. The mesh visually becomes invisible but is still present because the brush cursor still recognizes it. You can refill it with a color to make it visible again. But after changing the full screen to a minimized screen the mesh becomes invisible again. The appears to only happen in the deep displacement mode. The paint UV mapped with normal map option from start menu seems to work as expected when changing size of screen.

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[Paint Room] Coloring Tool does not respect Freeze state


- From the Start Menu panel, Paint UV Mapped Mesh (Per-Pixel): Pick the "shader ball" model
- Set FG color to a strongly saturated color
- Set Opacity to 100%
- New Layer, make sure new layer is active
- Fill: Fill w/ Color, Click "Layer" button, YES
- Set the Stroke type  to Constant Pressure brush
- Select the Freeze tool and paint a freeze area
- Change the FG Color to a saturated color with a very different Hue
- Select the Coloring Tool, then "Subst. Hue" mode
- Drag a stroke both outside and across/over the frozen region
- Ctrl+D to drop the Freeze state

RESULT: Note the hue change was applied where it should have been masked.

EXPECTED: No change should have occurred for the Frozen region.

Used 2023.37, Windows 10

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On Win 10 with 3dc 2023.37
I´ve tried the simplest approach to test PPP displacement.
A simple plane exported from blender via 3dc applink and then loaded and subdivided in the retopo room.
Back in the paint room just a simple depth paint yields weird grid-like artifacts on the displaced mesh.


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thanks for the reply.
I had some difficulties keeping the plane in rectangular shape.
While taking the mesh back to the paint room via "Retopo->microvertex(no baking)"
one has to untick "Smooth Object". Now it works.
But it does not make much sense to me that you can adjust the tesselation,
under the view menue item in the paint room while in PPP displacement, when it´s not functional.

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What is the problem?
  - Hello, the problem or bug that I have found is the following: having UDIMs to 2048 x 20, I was very very slow painting, I thought it was because of the amount of textures, but my laptop was fine and my desktop pc was not.
I attach video to show it, in the version of 3DCoat 2023.16 does not give problems, but sure that from the 2023.27 if that this problem is reproduced, the curious thing, is that from texture editor, it goes perfect in any version.
in the video you can clearly see the difference, I paint at the same speed in the model as in the texture editor.
  - Windows 10 pro, rtx 4060 ti, 128gb ram, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2696 v3 @ 2.30GHz   2.30 GHz

Steps to reproduce a Bug
  - create a tiled "floor" of 20 tiles in Blender, add 2048 UDIMs texture, export it to 3DCoat, add 2048 textures to all tiles. Paint in 3Dcoat 2023.16 vs 3DCoat 2023.27 or higher and see the lag.

Expected Result
  - that it works just as well as version 2023.16
Actual Result
Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text) of Bug
Software version:
  - Good Result 3DCoat 2023.16
  - Bad Result test it 2023.27 or higher

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