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[SOLVED] Factures: undo gets rid of the layer below


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I'm testing Factures, and I don't think this is supposed to happen.

  1. Paint a layer using one of the VerTexture
  2. Add a new layer, and start painting with another VerTexture.
  3. After the first painted brush on the new layer, undo the operation.
  4. Both layers are erased. The base layer is left with some area painted with the VerTexture, the rest is only color.

I'm using 3D Coat 2022.57

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A couple of screen record.

When the mouse cursor seems to freeze is because I'm undoing. I forgot to open the screencast tool to show the keys that I was pressing.



You will notice all the oddities, especially in the first video where it seems none of the painting I did was taking any effect, other than applying color to the vertexes.

Is that the expected behavior, or is there something I'm missing?
I watched the video from Andrew, and it doesn't seem he did anything differently from what I'm doing.

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