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How do I export a UDIM unwrapped model from Blender to 3D Coat?


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3DC full support UDIM workflows, you can work with texture maps as though they were a single tile.

3DC has no true internal UDIM tiling creation like Maya or similar applications. You can import UDIM as tiles " Import Tiles as uv sets"  3DC will create a UV set for each tile.

When exporting choose, " Export UV sets as Tiles" and they will be put back in a tiling order.

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Hi Carlosan,

I still have a problem.  I followed your advice on Import and Export UVs as sets.  On doing the import it worked well in 3D Coat.  I was able to paint across the mesh seamlessly.

When I exported as Export UV Sets they came into Blender but would not map as UDIMs but only as Single Image Textures.

I found a solution but it is not ideal.

Each UDIM exported in a separate folder.  one folder named 1001 and one named 1002.  I copied each of the png files in the two folders to the main texture folder.  The default names given the png's by 3D Coat were 1001_diffuse.png and 1002_diffuse.png.

They would not come in as UDIM textures to Blender in the Principled BSDF Shader.  Only one or the other of the pngs would connect with the BSDF panel.

As I was able to successfully bring in UDIM texture images from Substance Painter 2023 I copied the files names from the Substance png's and pasted them to the 3D Coat png's.  The naming convention for the Substance files were Blue_Mat_BaseColor.1001.png and Blue_Mat_BaseColor.1002.png.  (The name "Blue_Mat" was the name I applied to the UDIM image map in Blender before exporting.

Is there something I missed in the settings for exporting the textures from 3D Coat?  I exported as you directed, Export UVs as Sets.

Sorry to be a bother.  I would rather create my textures in 3D Coat.


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