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Fri Feb 17 17:52:22 2023 +0200

- Booleans speed and for huge meshes improved, molding for huge meshes improved (at least to be able to produce useful result).

- RetopoTool: SelectByFreeLasso (faces) Bug fixed

- The lasso that consists of lines may also be rounded in same way as rectangle (using R hotkey or E-panel settings)

- Keeping the R hotkey allows to change border radius on the fly.

- Rectangle/Square in E-modes got the rounded edges (optionally)

- Blender AppLink updated to be able to exchange data with 3DCoat just from scratch install. So, just install 3DCoat, Blender, follow what 3DCoat tells (easy to follow) and then you may easily drop assets to Blender, including Factures. Compatibility with Blender 3.4 improved.

- Tool Smart Retopo: Snaping is improved.

- Tool Smart Retopo: Welding (after moving by Right Button Mouse) is improved

- Fixed spikes problems related to multiresolution via decimation.

- You may choose the 4.xx rooms selection style in preferences: Preferences->Theme->Use tabs instead of the drop list to switch the rooms.

- Tool "Surface by two views": A "Parameter" changed t

- Tool Smart Retopo: Fixed a bug with Vertex Welding after Right Button Mouse moved.

- The tapering angle in the Bas-relief tool may be negative to allow the conical shapes modeling.

- Tool "Surface by two views". Added possibility to preview surface

- Tool Smart Retopo: Added possibility to delete edge by key Delete.

- Tool "Surface by two views". Added Parameters Graph.

- Tool Smart Retopo: Mode Strip is modified. Added possibility set vertices of the guide spline to be sharp by Right Button Mouse

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