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Paint objects disappear, appear dark and transparent


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I have retopologized and baked my objects individually. Name correspendence is on. I can paint on one object at a time and export the maps, but the next time I open the file, only one object seems to display correctly in the Paint room. All the others are dark and transparent. Also, my paint objects keep disappearing. For example, I can paint an object and export it. I save the file and exit 3D-Coat. Next time I reopen the same file, the paint object I exported isn't there anymore. 

Everything looks fine in the Retopo room.

In the screenshot here, all paint objects and surface materials are visible. I turned off "Show voxels in paint room". 

I can't tell where I am going wrong. The file is too large to share here. 

I'm getting frustrated. Can someone help? Thank you!

Paint room.png

Retopo Room.png

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I am now. I was using 2023.6 before.

One more question: What's the best way to export one object and its textures from the paint room at a time? When I click "Export Objects and Textures" from the file menu, it will export the objects and textures for all my objects, even the ones that are hidden, and it overwrites what I had saved before. 

Thank you!

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