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Sphere tool deformed after transform tool is used in another volume?



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So, the problem shows when I use the transform tool on a cube in volume layer 1, then after creating a new volume layer 2, as i start to draw with sphere tool, the sphere appears deformed to the same degree as the deformation i did previously to the cube on volume layer 1, even tho i did nothing to the new volume layer 2.
After that, on every new volume layer i create the sphere tool draws deformed spheres.
I dont know if its normal behavior or im doing something wrong or even if its just a 'tick off' away from a solution.

Any help would be much appreciated!

A cube, then drawn with the sphere tool in the volume layer 1, normal.

Then, I used transform tool to squash them

Finally I created the volume layer 2 and drew with the sphere tool, resulting the red one, already squashed as I drew 


If I make a second volume layer and use the sphere tool there, then use transform tool to the first volume layer and select back the one with the sphere there kind of resets the squashed tool and i can draw normally again, but if i go back again to the first one and try there or create a new volume layer from there squashes it again... weird

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On 3/19/2023 at 1:21 AM, Oleg_Shapo said:


Every time you use the Transform tool use this. RMB menu.

Nice! I tried with the to uniform and global space but it wasn't working, wouldn't even change the 'non uniform' tag at the bottom, but tried again now and solved the issue entirely!
Thanks a lot for the help!!

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