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3D Coat [Arch Linux] crashes whenever I attempt to import an image (that is not included with 3D Coat).

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BUILD: 3D Coat 2023.17

OS: Arch Linux, Kernel 6.3.9-zen, KDE Plasma 5.27.6

HARDWARE: AMD Ryzen 5800x, AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, Samsung Evo 970, 32gb ddr4 RAM


When I attempt to open an external image file (aka not included with 3D Coat build) I see no image files in the directory they are located. After a few seconds, 3D Coat crashes immediately with no pop-ups.


  1. Download 3D Coat 2023.17 for Linux
  2. Unpack 3D Coat download
  3. Double click on 3D Coat executable file
  4. Load object for per-pixel painting
  5. Open or import an image file that isn't included within the 3D Coat build (i.e. textures and previews)
  6. Navigate to the directory of the image file to open
  7. Wait a few seconds

Log copy.txt

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Attached log file
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Registered to add my +1 here.

3DCoat seems to crash whenever the file picker comes across an image file. Regardless of what the file picker is for. This is obviously inconvenient in general, but it also means that to get images into the application you have to place them in the correct folder manually and restart it.


Additional info from experiments

I've been fiddling with this issue to see if I can work around it. It seems to occur whenever the file picker attempts to render an image's thumbnail. If you delete all cached thumbnails in ~/.cache/thumbnails, the issue stops happening and images display with a basic icon until the thumbs regenerate.

Still no idea why though. Other applications that use the GTK2 FileChooser don't have this issue.


3D Coat Textura 2023.31 (Ubuntu 20.04 executable)
Arch Linux, Kernel 6.5.7-arch1-1, i3 4.22
Intel i9-13900HX, GeForce RTX 4070, Kingston SNV2S2000G, 32GiB DDR5 RAM

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