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Please Add Option to Increase/Decrease Poly Count on the Fly

Paint Guy

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Please allow users to increase/decrease the mesh polygon count on the Fly and the ability to increase subdivisions/poly count in Per Pixel Painting!

For example, If 3DCoat had this I could import my low poly mesh into 3DCoat and Unwrap it, then after that increase the polycount/subdivide it and then sculpt in high details, then > export a displacement map at high poly count and then decrease polygon count before exporting the mesh.

1) Import mesh (if too low poly then you could increase poly count)

2) Increase polygon count in Per Pixel painting

3) Go to sculpt mode and Sculpt details on high poly mesh

4) Export Displacement Map at high poly count

5) Reduce Polygon count

6) Export Low poly mesh

7) Use displacement map on Low poly model in 3D application

Thanks :)

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