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Retopo mesh changed scale after importing to Blender



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Hey there! 
I must admit, I'm 3d noob, so I hope my issue is not too trivial. Anyways, I couldn't find any similar topic on this forum, so here it is:
I have imported high poly mesh (made it before in Blender) to retopo room. Performed retopology, was quite happy with the result. I got back to Blender project with highpoly sculpt, imported lowpoly I've done in 3dCoat to perform UV unwrapping etc as I learned it before in Blender.
Buuuut imported low poly is ENORMOUS. It's scale in Blender is 1 though - just as highpoly, but well, the size difference is definitely HUGE.
Is there any way to find out how much scaled up it got in 3dCoat, so I could scale it down by this value in Blender? How could I prevent such situations in the future, how to import high poly mesh without changing it's original scale?

*working on version 2023.28

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