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Plane defined by points - make us define 3 points by using one hotkey


Go to solution Solved by Oleg Shapov,

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I hope I can define the point #1 ~ #3 by using only one hotkey.
Basically, I hope I only have to press one button to define all 3 points by clicking 3 times after pressing the hotkey.
Press the hotkey, then define #1, then #2, then #3.

Currently it's too slow, and I cannot set the hotkey for red#1 green#2 blue#3 button.
Because of bugs, if I try to put a hotkey for #2 or #3, It will change all #1~#3's hotkey to the same key, and at the end, I can only pick the point for red#1.

Also, I hope there is an option to change the size of the red, green and blue point's visuals after placing them on model, for me it's too small so it's very hard to pick and change their position with right click.


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Hi, thank you for your patience, I already understand your explaination. I did the exact same thing and it didn't work,

After I change the hotkey for all three of the points again (Redefine for red#1, stack key for green#2, stack key for blue#3) :
1. press that hotkey (let's say its "F"): I can define the red#1 point ->
2. press F the second time: define red#1 point again... ->
3. press F the third time: define red#1 point again...

But somehow, if I stack one more action/ tool on top of that hotkey( for example: "Hide plane preview" ), it will work just fine like in your video.
however, if I remove that last stacked action/ tool, it will stop working again, and then go back to "only able to define red#1 point".
It's so weird...

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