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Sculpt Room - Several QOF improvements

Henry Townshend

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I love 3D Coat Sculpting. A few things are lacking imo to enable an artist to work more quickly and efficiently on a fundamental workflow level.

I like to request:

  • Transform Tool to respect symmetry, not using Pose Tool as workaround. It accumulates a lot of wasted time and interrupts flow. Pose Tool, while fantastic, is no substitude for simple, quick, symmetrical transformations. It would be further nice if hitting "G" to freely translate an object with symmetry on would respect it as well, as a logical continuation.
  • When using "Center of Mass" on Gizmo with symmetry active, the center of mass shouldn't be set on the world center between the pieces, but rather on the local of the mirrored piece, meaning when working on hands with active X symmetry, and hitting "center of mass", we should have the gizmo on the center one hand. There is a "Center in Local" button in the Gizmo menu of the Transform Tool, however, it doesn't work as expected for me.
  • "Move Infinite Depth" mode for the Move Brush, like in ZBrush, where we can move an object completely all the way through, not only what is in front of us to gradiate to the back, but the complete silhouette instead:
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I would love to see the layer system be mesh contextual applicable across the paint and sculpt rooms. I have 3 meshes, a cone, a cube, and a torus, and paint or sculpt layers for each of the meshes. Current functionality is that I see all the layers for all the meshes globally at the same time. I would love to switch from say the cube to the torus and see only the paint and sculpt layers locally for that mesh. All other layers for other meshes would be hidden. If I switch back to a my cube, then the current torus layers become hidden and the cube layers revealed.

I posted in wrong thread!!

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 I agree on the Blob tool with controlling your radius. I will add since I do use a tablet pen, I am very use to using the Bracket keys for radius. 

To be able to constraint the blog array in screen space along an axis would be nice to have. :drinks:


Currently, you can have the 2D grid appear and disappear by "Ctrl +"

Set your 2D grid to snapping and adjust the grid size to what you need under the View menu.

The extra arrays will also snap to the grid. 

Also in the sculpt room a grid control will appear in the upper right corner of the interface if you want more control while sculpting.

You might be aware of this feature but I mention it for newer users.



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1 hour ago, Elemeno said:

@yoohasz you can use the [] to increase and decrease while using blob

@Elemeno yeah, thanks for the tip, problem is, I don't use an english keyboard and the brackets aren't quite usable for this (they're elswhere) but the right mouse click + drag is the fastest and most intuitive way to adjust radius, no wonder Andrew had this as a feature from the get go. Setting the brush strength and radius these ways is by far the best brush handling gestures I know of in any software, better than PS or Krita, etc. @digman again thanks for teaching me a new function! In the case of array constraint I think here to would be anice thing to utilize the x,y,z hotkeys since they work so well for translation and rot, scale! 

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On 1/15/2024 at 5:14 PM, Jones C said:

something like display solo? only display that mesh and hide the rest?

You can ALT + LMB click the Visibility (hide/unhide) icon of the Mesh/Object/Paint layer, to isolate it. Repeating this a second time toggles out of isolation mode.

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