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A trick to move multiple vertices along individual normals


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I think I may have found an 'undocumented feature'.  :D Something I've been looking for the ability to do for ages.

I often want to move multiple polygons outward, with each vertex moving in or out, along their individual normal.  


The Extrude Vertices tool moves the polygons outwards in the manner I wanted, but I often don't want the extrusion part. 


I have just accidentally discovered that if, after using the Extrude Vertices tool as in the above pic, but then without dropping the tool, do CTRL+Z a couple of times.

The first CTRL+Z moves the geometry back to it's starting position. The second CTRL+Z undoes the extrusion 3DCoat is performing.

Now, you can continue using the tool, and it only moves the selected geometry without the extrusion.  



I'd like to think this behaviour is on purpose. If not, please don't 'fix' it! My personal preference however, would be to have a check-box in the tool options to allow users to decide if they want the extrusion or not.

Cheers, Derek 

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