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need private tutoring in 3dcoat - beginner level (i am an experienced artist tho) paying well

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hello there - people of the interwebs !

id need some private tutoring session for the workflow of creating stylized assets in voxel mode,

(mostly organic level props- rocks pillars and so on, nothing special here)

baking normals to a lowpoly and then handpainting on some smart materials.

cant wait to hear from you,


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you don't need private tutoring , there are tons of great tutorials on youtube about the process of stylized assets .. loads .. ranging from greyscale blending up to base colour blocking 

creating inside voxel mode even though yes its possible  3dcoat voxels are best used to create the concept , you can also polish inside 3dC but i prefer blender of zbrush due to it keeping its topology 

if you still get stuck i can make you a quick video just showing a workflow inside 3dc and one thats fastest using 3dc an others 

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Most people are too busy with their own projects and tight schedules to do private tutoring. That is why we have to spend the necessary time and effort to find training videos that fill this need.

Anton's Youtube Channel is a good resource, as well as 3DCoat's Youtube Channel.

Anton Tenitsky - YouTube

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