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New; Importing 3 objects but they all merge to 1 layer?



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So im very new to 3dCoat and am finding many roadbumps since troubleshooting for this program is very hard to Google. My problem is that I am importing 3 objects into one project; they each have their own texture set in the 0-1 UV space from Maya. 

https://imgur.com/a/gKgeayM (photo of Maya with 3 objects with 3 separate textures and 3 UV sets)

When I import into 3dCoat, its all on one layer, even if I check "treat materials as separate textures". Additionally, when i try to bake the Occlusion Map, it only bakes it for Set1, and everything else looks weird

https://imgur.com/378eCkk (photo of 3dCoat scene all in 1 layer + aftermath of generating occlusion)

I want to be able to work on these 3 objects, but am finding it quite frustrating. Will I have to have a project for each of them? If possible, when answering, would you please fully explain what you're talking about and how you do it? This is my first time using the program :) thank you!

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Asking questions to further understand your problem. I do not use Maya.

What file format are you using for export from Maya. FBX? Obj? etc. Are the export options in Maya correctly setup. I cannot remember the best FBX version to use from Maya to 3DCoat. You could send that question to support at 3DCoat.com or a Maya user might reply.

It appears that the uv sets are correctly importing from your post but the textures are put on one paint layer instead of 3 layers. 

You have 3 separate painting objects showing under the Painting Objects tab and of course 3 separate uv sets showing in the Texture UV editor? Texture UV editor is under the Textures menu if it is not showing in the paint room. 

When baking for an AO are you selecting separate painting objects. 


When I export a FBX from 3DCoat I get the model file loading correctly with the textures on separate layers upon import. The textures are not embedded in the FBX file.

The model FBX file has 12 separate objects, each having a uv set with a texture for each plus a normal map. They all load correctly into 3DCoat.

Edit: Talked to a friend who uses Max. He does not embed the textures in the exported FBX file for 3DCoat. 

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There is a bug when importing multiple objects into a scene. Layers get overwritten and other UV set problems as well. I have sent in a bug report with a simple 3DC file that clearly shows the bug.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

The workaround atm is to import each model separately without any relative texture links, then import each texture per model as shown in Oleg's post. 

Time consuming but it does work.  You will be asked which UV set to apply the texture to and there are no problems.

To stress again: The model must not have any relative texture links when importing.

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