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tutorials very confusing

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I am trying to learn 3d coat but i find the tutorials very confusing since the interface on most of them is from the V2 version.

For instance, the basic 3d helmet tutorial, which is incredibly important for a newbie to figure out 3Dc is a nightmare to work with.

Freeze; Freeze what?

Where is the fill tool?

I have just spent an hour trying to get through the first few steps of the only basic paint tutorial I can find and the interface is so different

I am totally stuck.

I purchased 3DC when it first came out but gave up on it because the tutorials were so confusing. I purchased ZBrush knowing at least the tutorials

are clear.

Newbie's needs some good, basic start to finish on the basics.

I purchased the upgrade to 3DC because the retopology video at geeks at play and a video Fugazi1968

posted was clear enough that I could understand the workflow.

I am looking for a clear, simple tutorial that shows me the workflow in V3 of painting a low res imported obj file with color, textures, depth, bump and specularity and exporting those textures.

I am also looking for a clear, simple tutorial that shows me the workflow in V3 of importing an obj file into the voxel room and either adding voxels to it or using the obj file to create voxels on top of.

If anyone has links to these tutorials I would greatly appreciate them.

I am very hopeful that these newbie tutorials will become available soon. 3DC is amazing software and I have believed in Andrew since I first purchased the software. In today's market it is not only about the software that makes it successful, it is about the ability to get clear concise training that gets you up and running quickly.

Right now there are is a special sale price and V3 is new so there are a lot of people purchasing and downloading the demos. A good buzz.

People will pay the sale price for a just a good 3d paint program. The quicker people can learn to actually work with this software the more your sales will increase.

Just my humble opinion.

I would like to add that 3DC is an amazing software creation. I would recommend it. the retopology tool alone is worth the purchase price.



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I would suggest sitting down with a warm cup of coffee (or tea) and read V3 new manual.

It should take around an hour and you will much more comfortable after with interface ,

and general workflows for painting and voxel operations.

I found it a very clear and interesting reading just like zbrush manual.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for addressing the tutorial problem.

I would be so grateful for the "Getting Started with 3D-Coat" to be updated to video. I believe it is a terrific tutorial for going through all

of the basic steps and would save hours of work trying to figure out how 3DC works.

3D-Coat is one of the best and most innovative programs I have ever used. I am very pleased with it and I am trying to learn it as fast as I can.



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