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Scene Scale broken with Applink

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Each of these Send the Object at different size.
I'm unable to keep consistent 1:1 scale in Blender with Applink Send and GetBack.
Please can someone give me tested settings in 3D Coat for Scene scale so I can send object there and back and keep them in scale?
My scene scale in Blender is 1.0

Also Scene scale master keeps resetting to default value, which I'm not sure is desirable.


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Please try this

Hope it help  

On 1/17/2023 at 7:34 AM, Metin Seven said:

I thought to add a bit of info I posted over at the Blender Artists forum:

I found this in my personal 3DC notes. Maybe it's of use:

─ Also see the attached screenshot compilation. ─ 

Use the 3DCoat Applink to exchange between 3DC and Blender:

There's a version that ships with Blender and a fork by Mifth:


To match Blender's meter scale, change the Preferences ➔ Viewport ➔ Fixed Scene Scale to 100, and set MeasureUnits to Meters. Beware though: this can cause very dense primitives in 3D Coat.

Press Export in Blender to send the mesh to 3D Coat.

Once you've worked on the model in 3D Coat, choose File ➔ Bring Voxels Back To App, then in Blender press Import.

Alternatively, you can use File ➔ Export Voxel Mesh To ➔ Blender.

There's also a Blender Artists thread dedicated to the 3D-Coat App Link:




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26 minutes ago, Carlosan said:

Please try this

Hope it help  


Sadly it doesn't seem to work on 4.1 Most likely due to python version change. A lot of addon developers released updates for 4.1
Will the dev team check this eventually and test for themselves? I really need the native Applink to work to keep the scale consistent between proejcts.

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6 minutes ago, Carlosan said:

Reported again

Thanks for point it up

One more thing to add - I managed to make it work, just not sure for how long. Current version is 24.18
Scene Scale has to be set to 0.1 with Use Fixed Scene Scale enabled. Blender 1.0 and it only works with
The second option to export that pops up Blender as option, not Bring back to which is above it.




Please have this looked at if you can, I don't really know what the Bring option should do, but it must confuse everyone as both Will send mesh to Blender, and both react to GetBack button in Blender Applink. Export option gives proper scale mesh with 0.1 scene scale but Bring gives you mesh that's 10x or 100x bigger.



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