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Hey everyone, I am creating this thread as a way to convey some basic forum netiquette. At the moment the forums are starting to get scattered and overwhelming to read through. Posts in the wrong forums, especially! So here are some guidelines that we can follow in our day to day forum usage. It will be especially helpful for Andrew, as he is coding and shouldn't have to scour through all these posts to find those golden nuggets!

So, without further adieu, let's get to those bullet points...

  • Search before you post - There are many repeat questions which can be answered by a simple search. To perform a search, simply go to the top right of the forums, click on Search, here you can type in your keyword(s) searches.

  • Post in the appropriate area - Bugs go into the support forums, requests go into the feature request forums, and so on. If it's questionable, post in the area that is more relevant. This is a big one folks, it's getting scattered around here, let's keep things in the areas they belong! You have a gem of an idea, but how is Andrew going to find it if you post your feature request in a really long thread about cats and dogs?

  • Be courteous! - We're all in this together! Let us be friendly to one another. Things can easily be taken out of context, what with so many people here on the forums from different geographical locations on the planet and having different backgrounds and different ways of thinking. So, if something looks curious or questionable to you, ask the person about their statement, and for clarification first before assuming the worst. This will go a long way in helping prevent disputes. I've seen many happen on internet forums, so let's head these types of situations off at the pass.

More information will be added as needed to this thread. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the forums in this regard, don't hesitate to PM me.

Lastly of course, please enjoy your visit here on the forums and as always, Happy Coating! :brush::drinks:

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Leave your opinions at the door - You know the saying, "Opinions are like backsides. Everyone's got one and the only thing it does is create lots of ****." This is a support forum for 3D-Coat, not a soapbox. Let's keep it this way. This of course, is in relation to religion, politics and any personal opinions one may have toward another. (Not for things such as critiquing. Constructive criticism is of course more than welcome. :) )

Personal problems with another user - If you have an axe to grind with someone, take it up with that person in private. A public forum is not the place for such a thing.

Keep threads ON TOPIC - Here's a not so gentle reminder: KEEP THREADS ON TOPIC! There has been a recent slew of off topic posts in the 3DC Update threads (and others). This will no longer continue. I am encouraging moderators to move and/or delete off topic posts. Think before you post.

Questions? PM your friendly neighborhood moderator.

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