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Hey there. I've never had a Mp3 player before and because I recently ordered some computer hardware I also went ahead and bought my first mp3 player. I went to newegg.com, my number one source for computer/electronics and found 30GB Zune with free Car Kit for $99 (!)

This thing has a nice 3" video screen. It connects wirelessly to your computer as well as to other Zunes. It's sturdy and well built from what I can tell. And uh, I bought this thing with no preconceived notions and I have to say after less than one day of use. I am in love with it.

What does the Car Kit do? It allows you to plug it in to your car cigarette lighter and then to broadcast music using radio waves to your car stereo! I thought this was insanely cool. This car kit is about $30 in value and for the rest of the month you get it free with this Zune:


Hurry if you want one. Because since I've ordered mine they've gotten smart and started raising the price already.

This isn't spam I'm just telling you guys if any of you was in the market for a gift for someone or a MP3 player for yourself that I am thouroughly satisfied with my purchase of this Zune. Just compare the price of this 30GB model with free car kit to the others on the site. It's a pretty good deal! :brush:

I almost want to get another for a gift. Maybe I will as a matter of fact :good:

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Next item review is Yamaha RH10MS S-Logic 3-Dimensional Surround Sound Headphones

What happened here is that I bought some $200 headphones to replace my 3 year old Sonys I had. These were the Senheiser HD 280 Pro : I bought them because I figured they were the best because of the price and the fact that there are literally 500 reviews on the site saying these are 5 egg headphones. When I received them I wasn't as impressed. If they had been a $99 headphone at the time I would have thought they were ok, but I didn't feel they were $200 good. So I returned them. Later the price was lowered, but that wouldn't have helped me anyway.


Now I've just received the Yamaha headphones I mentioned above. And I have to say these are THE BEST headphones I've ever heard in all my life. I'm not going to attempt to describe to you have incredible they are all I can say is that you should buy them if you are in the market for really really reallly good headphones. I prefer these over the Sennhesser's by a ratio of 100:1. It sounds like you're being immersed into pure sound candy. I can hear things in songs that I couldn't hear before. They are really good. These Yamaha's have no reviews on newegg. While the Sennheiser's have over 500. But I recommend the Yamaha.

Link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16882115181

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Hi Kay, what headphone amplifier you used when listening to HD280 pro and Yamaha RH10MS?

I heard that HD280 pro is very sensitive to it's sound source, maybe not good for using with computer sounds, too much background noise.

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Hello, I did not have a headphone amp at the time, I had them plugged into my Logitech Surround Speakers. Now I have a dedicated MicroAmp HA400 by Behringer. Which I haven't used yet. But maybe you're right. Maybe my sound source wasn't good enough but I was unaware of that at the time. That aside, the other thing that bothered my about that HD280 purchase was that they were priced at $200 when I bought them. Then literally, it might have been the very next day, they lowered the price to $100. Which apparently had been the price before they raised it. Whatever the issue, I wasn't impressed with them enough to eat a $100 "loss". I felt like I had just thrown 100 away.

On the plus side I have the Yamahas now which, on the same sound source as the HDpro, sound like they are worth $300 or more even though they only cost $100. I'm very happy when them. I haven't even tried my headphone amps yet. I mean, the Yamahas sound like you are in the room where the instruments are being played. Human voices sound like real people who are speaking in front of you.

I was playing Mass Effect with the Yamaha on and I heard a sound that sounded like it was in my room. Or behind my wall. So I took the headphones off and the sound went away. :yes:

These headphones vibrate. There was a bell chime like sound and I could feel the vibration (not in a bad way) as if there really was a bell inside of the headphones. I just love these.

They sound correct. They sound like the sound is filling the air, as opposed to being attached to your head.

I mean of course they are headphones, but the instruments are so very well seperated.

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