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Hi Methalina,

you've got some great sculpts going on this thread,very inspiring.

I love all the alien stuff you're doing too,very imaginative.

I also prefer to freeform sculpt in 3D-Coat,I think it was designed with this in mind.

I think of it as my 3D sketchpad.

The big bonus is if I like it, I can retopo,UV and paint,then take it into Lightwave to animate - perfect! and much fun :)

I used to do 3D years ago the 'old way' , building by polygons by polygon...usually from a 'plan' (top,front and side). not so much fun :(

Needless to say,programs like 3D Coat have reignited my passion for digital 3D.

Anyway, excellent work...keep on doodling! :)

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Great work, Methelina. Great eye for detail.


IT's good to see your work again.... :drinks:

Yeah, so hard to keep updatin' all gallerys

The Cryforce pics remind me a lot of Bay Rait's (spyroloid's) kitbashing experiments.

MMM! Interesting, i googled something like from "Bay Rait"

Checkin :p:

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Oh wow! Your Iratus bug is awesome. Did you design it? I really like how you treated the forms. Makes me want to go try 3d coat even more..haha.

ThX! Yeah for the game Dreams Gate :rolleyes:

Nice. Good mixture of organic and hard surface work in the Cryforce models. :good:

Thx! Hardsurface sometimes hard to manipulate=)

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Pretty cool. Didn't know you could do that (get the turntable to play within the posttself). How? Nice work on the weapon. :good:


With procedural apng combiner. procedural_apng.7z

I rendered HQ 32 frames with alpha, then put the combiner at the dir with the frames, Set the cmd properties "output.png 0000*.tga" for .exe, at the output we have 1 animated png files with 32 frames, about 41mb packed to 2mb.

At last we have custom-controlled HQ turntable with transparency and without quality loss

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