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Glad to hear that.

Cause I wouldn't buy it, if 3DC wouldnt run on it.

Im kinda getting crazy with my Windows Vista, especially when it's time to shut down. <_<

So, thank you for your fast answer. :drinks:

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Hey guys, i am getting DirectX error when trying to run 3dcoat directx 64 bit on windows 7. Gl version is running fine. Any plans on making it run on windows7 in directx mode? it supposed to be good

have you installed dx9 64?

3dc uses dx9

don't worry about downgrading, dx 9 and 10 are separate installs

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Hey guys & gals. Last night I performed a Win7 Upgrade in place over the top of a healthy Vista 64.

Does anyone if this operation by default would have erased my dual direct 9 & 10 installs and replaced with just a v10 directx?

Im not sure how to check as running DXDIAG on any of my systems with 9&10 installed only reported on the v10. (It was obvious when 9 was uninstalled as 3DC and other software complained to me)

During last nights testing I noticed a huge hit in smoothing performance and most other voxel brush related activity.

The upgrade advisor warned me to uninstall the ATI drivers which I havent done yet as last time that caused BSOD madness on a brand new Dell. I guess the likely culprit is the ATI drivers (I have the 4850 card) but wanted to ask about the above also.


Robbie MacGillivray

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Hey Robbie,

What I did was, with the upgrade version of Win7... I did a clean install. Formatted the drive, new partition, installed it. Then, when it asked me for my serial was hit OK with nothing in it. Then after Windows booted up, I used the registration utility. Strangely enough it never asked for my Vista or XP licenses or discs and installed fine and is still working.

So if you don't want to actually upgrade after having vista or xp installed, I would recommend this solution. It is a little easier as well, takes less time, and I've had minimal issues with hardware & drivers.

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