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Hi all

I recently stumbled across an amazing FREE app that is just in a league of it's own, both for quality and usefullness. How it is free is beyond me, but heck don't look a gifthorse in the mouth!

There are absolutely loads of uses I can think of that just about anyone would find useful

Heres a couple of scenarios I can think of straight off the top of my head

Scenario 1

You are using 3DC and can't figure out how to do something. Your mate (also a 3DC user) is online using msn or whatever. HE knows how to do whatever it is you don't. So you text him a simple copied and pasted link AND

SOLUTION....Crank up this free app and in realtime your mate can see your screen and any app you chose to show. You have the option to give them control of your app (3DC in this case) and in realtime use the app as though they are sitting at your computer. add to this the fact that you are now in realtime voice chat (Using the app as a free addon to skype) and you have the perfect adhoc free collaboration/software support/sharing tool!! For ZERO cost

Scenario 2

You have this model you are just busting to show a friend (or up to 20 freinds at the same time)


Send a pm/ aim/msn email or whatever with a simple copied and pasted link to your impromtu screen/voice share. You can even paste a link button to the "meeting" on your blog page or website.

Scenario 3

Your computer is playing up, you aren't into all that techy stuff, but your friend would know how to fix it


Send them a link and let them fix the problem right in front of your eyes!

ITS free, its secure, theres no techy firewall stuff to sort out.. it just works right away, it does NOT require your "guests" to have the program, and it works it simply works and really really well!!

Wish I had this years ago it's just SO useful!

Anyway heres the link, I hope you find it as useful as I do! How this is free is just jaw dropping



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