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Moving massive particles

Frenchy Pilou

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Do you mean like a wind distortion (like in 2d paint apps) but in 3d? If this is the case that would be very interesting, one thing i keep thinking would be great is various new ways to morph voxels into totally new shapes.

Another cool thing would be weather effects, in vue they have this where you apply a terrain effect and voxels would be perfect for something like that. I know some people use 3DCoat to make decayed pillars etc so maybe you could have stuff like -

Make splits/brake parts - Brakes bits like stone, useful for old buildings like ancient temples etc

Decay surface - Apply a noise etc to make surface rough, i think the new z-brush had something like this

Wind/gravity distortion - Take parts and move them i a set direction, could make cave/ice formations etc

Rubble - You draw spots on the voxel and then have a few options and a button, when you press the button you get various stone like rubble either on the floor or directly where it falls (on model areas), this would be useful for ancient temples/buildings etc

Scratches - Scratches the surface areas

You could of course do some of these using brushes but im thinking being able to apply them like you would in a 2d image editor app with a few controls/options and presets would be very cool as this would work perfectly for voxels. :)

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Ahh i see, thats totally different to what i was thinking you meant but what i suggested would be good also. :)

I think this would be good, from your image it looked like Bevel type stuff -



But reading the Angle of repose wiki page it seems like you want it to work like falling sand grains where it builds at the base and narrows higher up with a conical pile/mountain shape bulding depending on the amount. This sounds like it would be a great tool also, very good for terrains etc.

Edit -

If a Angle of repose style tool was ever added a good mode for this would be Contours where it flattens/steps the surface areas depending on height amounts.


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Yeah, this could have a few uses and would be a fun tool.

You could have a distortion where it starts to turn to sand and fall down/melt then pile up again on the lower plane or set point.

Then you can have like you say without the need to model where it just drops particles down from the pointer/brush. This would be great for making winter scenes with snow or sand and terrains as well as many other uses if you could start modelling on it after also. Hopefully these ideas will get added :D

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