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Deform (Alpha)Mask and Material at the same time???


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Hi there,

I ran into some kind of cheesy problem today.

I created a material (actually its just a little sign) that I wanted to paint on a model.

But somehow its not working the way I expected it.

The material was created of those two files:



And I wanted to use this file as a mask for the material:


As you can see, all images are at 1178x612.

The problem is that I can only twaek the size of the material OR the mask...


Why isnt there a possibility to connect the mask to the material?

It would make it much easier for me, to paint this little sign on the model, wherever I want.

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Thanks for the tip mate.

Sadly 3DC only seems to save the distortion information, not the actual size and position. <_<

I hope this request will get some attention, cause I think it will be a quite handy feature.

I also had the idea to load the mask directly into the material, like it is with Depth, Color and Specular.

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