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Sneak Peek at some 3ds Max 2011 goodies


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Just saw this over at CG Talk...that Polyboost toolset (now called Graphite Modeling Tools) is getting down, it looks like. The developer (of Polyboost...who now develops the toolset in Max) reminds me a lot of Andrew...comes up with some amazing stuff with each new release.

New 3ds Max videos on XBR:

Some of the improvements I see with the "Viewport Canvas" feature look to be more Photoshop-esque in nature. Likewise I would like to see a key photoshop feature implemented in 3DC...that is Editable masks per layer. Including a "Create Mask" icon at the bottom of the layer pallet and a representation of it on the given layers. It is so helpful to be able to go back and make adjustments to a mask later, instead of being forced to just using the ERASER. That is why I NEVER use the eraser tool in PS. I never know when I'm going to want to go back and make a change, large or small.

This would be great for the Paint Room, of course, but perhaps also a huge plus for Voxel layers as well (with the masks representing HIDE/UNHIDE functionality)

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