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Hiya all

I just got 3D-Brush and was excited to start messing around in it.I modeled a low polygon man and brought him into 3D Brush to started playing around with all the freatures.He is not a planned figure but just what came to mind as I tried out different tools.I used only the built in tools with the program.He reminds me a little of the sandpeople in Star Wars. A little spaceman look to him but in raggy clothes.Next to work on his textures.

P.S The displacement maps work great in Carrara 5. I was impress with the amount of the little details you could see even without using a bump map or normal map for the finer detail and that was with a 1024 texture.. I will post pics later. The normal maps took me about 3 hours to get them to work right. Till 3:00am.I finally got them to work with the Baker normal map plug in for Carrara 5.

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Hi All

I made a quick texture to check out the texturing tools.I like the way he resembled an old worn plastic action figure.I will build a base and put him in a pose.I had fun learning this new software and am looking forward to creating a lot in it. :>}

*edit: I removed this early picture, I will be asking Andrew if can increase the meg amount each user gets on the forum.

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