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A great feature to add to 3d-Coat would be a quick way to make tileable textures using voxel meshes. Then send texture maps to Photoshop. Such maps could include normals, mask, ambient occlusion, spec, cavity and height maps. An example of this could be making bricks wrap around at the edge of the camera view.

Currently, I'm making voxel meshes and exporting a mid range mesh to 3d Studio Max (depending on the texture). Once that is done I use xNormal to get the texture maps to use to in Photoshop. Then in Photoshop, it can take some time to paint the maps to where they are tileable. Saying all that, it would be awesome to be able to jump back and forth between 3d-Coat and Photoshop without worrying if my texture maps will be tileable.

This could help with making detailed textures and cut down on the amount of time in other programs.

Keep up the great work!

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Exactly what i was looking for. I recently heared about a feature in Z-Brush called Wrap, which allows you to wrap the brushstroke to the oppsite side of the mesh. which enables you to create tilable pieces and textures. comes in quite handy if you're going to sculpt environment and stuff.

+1 i'd like to see that feature in 3D Coat.

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I would love to see or hear further explanation of this as well.

Also +1 for the OP's suggestion.

I've just downloaded the demo in the last few days and am massively impressed so far. This feature not being there is not a deal breaker for me but are there any plans to implement it in the near future? It's something I and so many other environment artists need so desperately.

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I'm a bit stuck I'm afraid.

After placing the models on the canvas in the voxel room do I go through the autopo process and into the paint room to paint it and get the tileable textures from there?

Or can color be applied in the voxel room and textures exported from there? Sorry I'm completely new to the program and I can't find anything on this particular tileable texture process.

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I updated file on the link. Now it has retopo mesh. Go to retopo room and bake to ppp or MV after all.

Thanks again Andrew.

This is what I'm doing so far but I'm not sure if its the correct procedure. please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

I placed down some rocks in the Voxel room (on the same layer as the middle plane)


Painted them in the Paint Room. (had to tick 'show beta tools' in preferences to be able to paint on the voxels)


This what it looks like in the Retopo room. (is this correct?)


Back in the paint room I go to 'textures/texture baking tool' and bake out the diffuse and normal maps but they look like this.



I'm doing something completely wrong but not sure what.

Also is it possible to get an AO map as well?

thanks for any help

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A similar request (but not for voxels, just the paint room) was asked for a few times. Here are some similar threads asking for the same sort of seamless tiling thing:



Mantis request here:


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