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I will post all updates of 3.5 there.


Archive of older versions: http://3d-coat.com/d.../older-version/


With CUDA, 32 bit

With CUDA, 64 bit

Without CUDA, 32 bit

Without CUDA, 64 bit


OSX build Download link


Linux build download link

Instuctions about installing CUDA for Linux

listofchanges.png List of changes:

3.5.27 [beta]

- I made a big work of improving stability and quality in LC. Usual surface tools will also well compatible with LC. There is checkbox "Remove stretching" in usual surface tools to remove stretching after the end of stroke.

- Reset primitives problem solved - http://bit.ly/ohOCtV

- To center mass/boundary center/... in merge tool work correctly

- I fixed problem in sketch tool - http://bit.ly/rdNCam

- Sketch tool/reference image are corrected to work well with non power 2 textures and to avoid shadowbox preview in tools but Sketch tool.

- I made correct transition to voxels after LC tools, correct Undo/Redo after voxelization, solved problem related to "explosion" of the mesh.

- Framing centering is now correct.


- LC tools got major update. Still alpha, still need some re-organisation.

- Sketch tool/reference image are corrected to work well with non power 2 textures and to avoid shadowbox preview in tools but Sketch tool.

- I made correct transition to voxels after LC tools, correct Undo/Redo after voxelization, solved problem related to "explosion" of the mesh.

- I made warning if there is no enough disk space to write file or if something prevents to save correctly (to avoid loosing work).

- "Run brush along curve" issue solved - http://t.co/PO38ma46


- enabled materials/masks painting (still slow on big maps, will be resolved very soon)

- UI improvement - you will be able to exclude almost any UI elements that you are not using - http://t.co/4Uimmq6h (see [Customize] button).

- New voxel export option - "File->Export projected quads" - alternative high quality quad only voxel export

- Enabled "VoxCleanup" command in retopo menu just for experiment - it is tesselation that works like dynamesh in ZB (done many months ago). Probably it is better to remove it from there and place just in export, but I will consider.

- Fixed problem of painting with big brush near symmetry plane using material.

- Important instability issue in Paint room solved.


- dependence parameters restored, CustomizeUI button moved to memu (Edit & Windows).

- serious problem related to Res+ fixed

- Ignore back faces will work correctly with eraser.

- when 3B saved 3DC creates jpg with preview in same folder. When opening JPG-s will be visible too. Clicking on them will open 3B file.


- Painting over big materials/masks will be fast too. Now optimization done.

- Even if UI element is hidden with new "Customize UI" mode it will be accessible through the hotkey.

3.5.25 [beta]

- LC updated. All tools are still in very beta stage. Some of them may be removed or essentially changed later.

- I made possibility to paint over materials and masks directly in 3D-Coat - http://bit.ly/oY8ojw

- I made realtime preview for Sketch tool. You will see summary volume immediately while painting. It works without any lag or slowdown. It is still not fully optimized, so painting over the really big images may be slow. It will be resolved very soon.

- I made smarter edge picking algorithm for retopo room. If edge is under surface it will be picked. But backface edges will not be picked. Simple illustration of change - http://bit.ly/o9U17Q

- Autopo improved - manual strokes will only partially influence edgeflow - only areas close to stroke bound sphere will be affected. It is important because previously adding even one stroke was discarding all original curvature surface info. So correcting autopo results was really annoying in some cases. Now strokes will have local influence.

- Transform gizmo issue fixed - http://bit.ly/n1ru6U

- FBX export issue solved - http://bit.ly/qTkrlB

- Important change: perspective center will be on the center of viewport, not on whole window center as it was before. http://bit.ly/owqPie

- Smooth & freeze issue fixed - http://bit.ly/oXc5cQ

- The problem of pose tool over non voxelized object resolved - http://bit.ly/pwIkv9

- Solved problem of incorrect showing of the symmetry plane in Voxel room.

- Rendering issue solved - http://bit.ly/mZBzog

- Pose tool with "Through all volumes" issue solved - http://bit.ly/qYZI1I

- fixed: drawing with E panel modes was hanging sometimes on very close look to model.

- fixed: grow & smudge brushes was incorrectly working with masks and symmetry.

3.5.24 [beta]

- Updated LiveClay brushes.

- Copy tool got rich improvement - respects alphas, makes optional extrusion, may copy just surface - http://t.co/U0acUZY . It may copy just surface if need - super cool to create clothes, stamp logos, shells - http://t.co/gjcmrwL . In general it allows you to paint over voxel model with different colors/shaders, of course without blending - http://t.co/WcbU470

- Looks like I achieved some good success in seamlessness in PPP - see - http://t.co/oHzUTzO . Baking voxels->ppp got even better seamlessness.

- I made Import->Import geometry in paint room. In so way you will be able to change geometry/topology in external editor preserving layers. Imported geometry may have changed topology but UV confoguration should be preserved at least approximately. It will work only for ppp.

- You will be able to replace geometry in scene using AppLinks - http://bit.ly/mZqW11 . AppLinks will not require modification.

- VoxTree->RMB->Extrude will correcty work with freeze in surface mode. It is important go get accurate shells, also for dental modeling.

- LiveClay will work correctly in stamp modes.

- Voxel export with simplification improved again to avoid non-manifolds.

- Deleting instance issue resolved - http://www.3d-coat.c...view.php?id=330

- Export curve profile problem resolved - http://bit.ly/qYXBlm

- The problem of darkening while smoothing in Win 64 build resolved - http://t.co/kH6Jzgl

- Projection painting in Photoshop improved a bit - now yo may edit projection being inside of object (example - skybox).

- Fixed painting over UV problem - if island is off 0..1 painting/picking in uv/texture window will work correctly.

- Fixed cylinder unwrap issue or OSX 64 bit.

- Text/Picture/Curve tool node deleting bug fixed - http://bit.ly/o2lHbG

3.5.23 [beta]

- All blending modes in paint room are synchronized precisely with Photoshop.

- I was working over baking improvements. I made following changes:

(1) Baking method is consistent - depends on what you chosen in Retopo->Snap to... I recommend using "Snap to closest along normal". But in some cases (many overlapped reference poly surfaces) - use "Snap to outer surface". Use "Snap to closest along normal" in voxels.

(2) Baking scan direction will be chosen in smarter way - there was problem when small and big polygons were neighbors.

(3) Snapping will be performed better, especially if you have thin surfaces, points will not be snapped to other side.

- updated Live Clay + Reduce

- Fixed UV room & materials palette issue - http://bit.ly/jvCdMF

- Fixed color picker issue - http://bit.ly/ozMSqR

- Fixed problem of freeze tool in paint room - http://bit.ly/p0ryeN

- I improved quality of export voxel mesh with simplification, triangles quality improved - http://bit.ly/oOow8Z . Triangles on almost planar surfaces will satisfy Delone condition, it leads to better triangulation.

- Fixed problem of merging additional object into microvertex scene.

- Tool options bug fixed - http://bit.ly/nejhHY

- Shader baking bug fixed - http://bit.ly/n1oCBU

- Even if there are so many descriptions of PS blending modes none of them was full and precise, so this sync took a lot of time.

- Merging new 3B file to the non-empty scene will merge retopo mesh/strokes into correctly.

- Resolved symmetry issue - http://bit.ly/nboAvQ

3.5.21 [beta]

- Important step forward! I made Boolean cutting the surface with E panel rectangle/lasso/ellipse/… I finally achieved very good stability and speed in boolean cut with very many sequential booleans - http://bit.ly/llo2IB

- Auto Scale in UV room will work correctly with multiple UV islands that cover each other.

- Longstanding & longwaited cavity painting problem resolved - http://bit.ly/jQws8X

- Displacement export issue fixed - http://bit.ly/kFnQ3G

- Fixed non-quad maps padding problem for PSD export - http://bit.ly/jezxLQ

- Objects/Matrials panels problem resolved - http://bit.ly/lxpFgv

- Transform gizmo in retopo tool got "To local space" button to orient gizmo according to main axis of selected elements. It orients gizmo really smartly according to selected elements.

- Image along spline problem solved - http://bit.ly/jsbl9X

- Palette window problem solved - http://bit.ly/jFKQAI

- Resolved hide issue - http://bit.ly/li2vmX

- Solved problem of possible incompatibility of 3B files between platforms when voxel curves are used.

!!! LiveClay updated only a bit, triangulation quality improved, but all very last changes are not included, they are too raw.

3.5.20 [beta]

- LiveClay - very first beta, so don't expect too much. Go to Edit->Preferences->Show beta tools to enable it.

- New important command in Ptex mode introduced - http://bit.ly/mt1MBw

- I made user-friendly way to share 3D-Coat's resources - http://bit.ly/iEndgn . You may easily create extension packs (3dcpack) with your own Brushes / Strips / Materials / Masks / Shaders / Navigation etc.

- Upload screenshot with hotkey will work correctly even with modal (topmost) dialogs.

- Sculpt room Move tool bug fixed - http://bit.ly/luokql

- Bug fixed related to transforming from Ptex to Microverts using UV room and apply UV-set. Now pipeline Ptex->UV->Apply->MV works correctly.

- The MV depth painting issue fixed - http://bit.ly/inJ9IE

3.5.19 [stable enough]

- important performance problem in couple of last builds solved!

- New (or old for V2 users) stamp mode modification introduced - http://bit.ly/dSkIm8

- Set of problems in stamp mode fixed - http://bit.ly/i2CvrJ

- Very important addition! Move & Pose tool may be optionally applied through all visible volumes (see checkbox "Through all volumes"). See examples - http://bit.ly/gZAIlS , http://bit.ly/erzctN

- Free form transformations in Pose tool are finished up to level acceptable to be publicly released. Example - http://bit.ly/itnFBA , http://bit.ly/jed7ym

- Invert selection will work correctly in Pose tool.

- Next tweak to pose tool - it will be possible to save/load pose

- Longstanding pose tool problem fixed - http://bit.ly/fBnPC3

- Longstanding linux bug fixed - http://bit.ly/iI4TiM

- Edit in ext editor will respect freeze - http://bit.ly/gROHlA

- Smooth dark edge related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/ftx0j6

- I improved blending between transparent layers to be closer to PS especially if ground layer is semi-transparent.

- Copy/Paste related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/gD6wL2

- The problem of Copy tool with CTRL resolved - http://bit.ly/emVe6C

- FBX library used in 3DC updated to Fbx2012, it solved previous issues with incompatibility - http://bit.ly/jOduVp

- Fixed problem of slowdown while using big alphas. It appeared after introducing mipmaps for brushes. Now works really fast.

3.5.18 [beta]

- I made support of alpha images mip-mapping. It leads to really good stroke quality. Compare: http://bit.ly/ea0WCL and http://bit.ly/eS5cqK . It is especially important if contrast high resolution alpha is used. Old style stroke was too noisy, new style - smooth like in PS. More images to compare - http://bit.ly/guuQjL and http://bit.ly/eWxOZz .

- You will be able to see amount of UV vertices in retopo room. It is important if you have budget of polygons for game model.

- Inverted chisel brush issue fixed - http://bit.ly/guiy7k

- Freeze and Rapid2 issue fixed - http://bit.ly/hSQxMP

- Brushes preview problem solved - http://bit.ly/ev515y

- Importing of subdivided T-shapes fixed - http://bit.ly/gslNP2

- Curve tool issue fixed - http://bit.ly/euee4N

- In latest couple of builds there was error on non-english Win that caused screwing some brushes settings (like depth modulator). Now fixed.

- Specular brightness issues fixed - http://bit.ly/fuWr6e and http://bit.ly/e6m62d

- The issue with mesh breaking fixed - http://bit.ly/ii3H6h

- I found one potential rare source of small dots artifacts while transforming from surface to voxel mode and written code to prevent it.

- Wireframe in paint mode will be shown without missing chunks.

- Absolute brush issue fixed - http://bit.ly/dJnURk

- Fixed important bug - possible crash after using hotkey to make something massive - like import mesh for PPP.

- Crash fixed - http://bit.ly/fYf7Cr

- For ease of access to all import possibility you will be able to import retopo mesh/mesh for voxelizing from file menu.

- The problem with incorrect UV-sets resolved - http://bit.ly/dIkgrb

- tif/exr included in regular texture export format. You will be able to choose if you need to use it with or without alpha in Textures menu.

- Adding materials folder improved a bit - http://bit.ly/e2uKSB

- I made "Apply to visible" and "Apply to subtree" in shaders RMB menu.

- Image picker navigation will work correctly even if picker is docked.

3.5.17 [beta, not verified]

- I restored older version of surface clay and combined it with new brushing engine, it produced really nice brush!

- Rapid2/Mud2 brushes as smoother and nicer versions of Rapid/Mud brushes. That new brushes are based on the same principle as new Clay brush.

- I made checkbox "Smooth back faces" in "E" panel in Voxel room

- Smooth in voxel surface mode is now CUDA accelerated. It is especially obvious under big smoothing degree (500% for example). Non cuda smooth improved a lot too.

- I made additional checkbox "CUDA smooth boost" that will enable 3X strength of smoothing if CUDA enabled.

- You will be able to assign hotkey to any button in 'E' panel.

- I tuned Surface Fill tool to work nicely.

- I made new brush based on surface clay that acts close to Build in voxel room and Wax in MB. It is little modification of clay, but looks like it is super cool to buildup shape. Probably I will call it Buildup.

- I improved merge surface->voxels algorithm to produce much less artifacts like that - http://bit.ly/i4rmT6 . They was usually appearing after surface was smoothed in voxels a lot and then move applied (as well as any surface change). It is hard to avoid them at all, but they will appear much less now. To remove them at all use depth shader or "To global space". It are not actually surface distortions but rather normals calculation problems. It happens due to voxel surface thickness variation. Smooth makes surface thicker, so this problem appears.

- Snapping to voxel surface become faster, fixed possible lags and hangups.

- Slice tool in retopo room will work correctly with non-voxelized meshes too.

- I updated AppLinks specifications a bit - http://bit.ly/gadLuD

- Fixed several bugs in retopo transform tool.

- The issue about retopo transform solved - http://bit.ly/gxsJ5W

- Fixed problem of holes over big faces in ppp mode when 8k textures are used.

- Fixed problem in retopo symmetrical copy whan multiple UV sets are present

- Problem with "Edit points table" in "E" spines menu solved.

- Problem with "To global space" and instances solved.

- The problem with move tool tearing and symmetry resolved.

- Fixed bug in Apply UV that was producing holes in mesh in some cases.

- I found why using huge brush radius leads to massive slowdown (almost hang). It is fixed and resulted with sculpting speed increase.

- If SHIFT and LMB was pressed simultaneously then even if SHIFT will be released but LMB pressed 3DC will act as if SHIFT is still pressed.

3.5.16 [relatively stable]

- Fixed a bunch of instability problems + retopo transform problems

- FBX import will catch color, normal and specular textures if attached

- New floating server released, it is is compatible with previous 3D-Coat version, but it is better to use 3.5.15/16 - http://bit.ly/f7gZpk

- Adding faces/bevel and other retopo tools will not discard current UV set, changed islands will be automatically updated

- dropped image may be assigned to be background

3.5.15 [beta]

- I made clone function in Retopo->Select [faces] to clone parts of mesh.

- You will be able to transform whole retopo mesh or it's selected part with new transform tool in retopo room.

- EPS file format supported for importing shapes for E panel.

- Symmetry panel got "Lock symmetry plane" checkbox to lock symmetry plane and avoid unnecessary movement by TAB key. Also ALT-TAB will not conflict with TAB pressing to mave symmetry plane.

- I improved surface smooth tool a bit to avoid producing visible seams. Also I removed spikes appearing on noisy surface due to backfacing.

- I improved a bit shape and cleanness of voxels strokes in CUDA mode, I found why BUILD tool was producing dirty results sometimes.

- I performed really big work over memory management. Found many leaks. It will improve stability and speed after hours of work in 3D-Coat.

- FBX export crash fixed in 3.5.14B but FBX export of big meshes is still too slow, we will optimize it.

- Export big meshes/close holes got better stability on big meshes.

- Fixed possible instability in texture baking tool.

- Draw by lines issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fOkslE

- Freezing issue resolved - http://bit.ly/dFXFV5

- I made that 64 bit build will produce very useful bug-reports [for me to discover crash reason] if crash will occur. 64-bit bug-report was almost useless before this change because of missing callstack. 90% of people are using 64 bit version, it was so pity that I was not able to analyze bug-reports deeply. Now it is solved. It is important step to make 3DC more stable. 3.5.15 contains multiple stability improvements based on bug-reports that was sent me with this system.

3.5.14 [beta]

- I made support of painting/carving over planes/surfaces defined by 3 or 4 points -http://bit.ly/gk6xi0 , http://bit.ly/el1Sql

- Image picker will respect usual navigation rules to navigate image.

- Fixed bug in Logo tool that was causing dirty result sometimes.

- While fixing Logo tool I made possibility to load grayscale pictures as contours in E-panel (through "Load shape" button).

- I made improvement for merged objects scale - http://bit.ly/dTKpNX

- The problem with single polygon hiding resolved - http://bit.ly/eaGejr

- Undo in polygon hide mode done - http://bit.ly/gEQHaT

- Specularity merge down issue fixed - http://bit.ly/ijpvy0

- Painting whole polygon issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fcLDYg

- The problem in "Merge without voxelizing" resolved -http://bit.ly/gIK3n6

- I fixed some problems in AUTOPO and it will always produce meshes without holes.

- I made possibility to render turntables [from help menu] with post-batching to create customizable videos.

- Fixed UV room texture mapping issues - http://bit.ly/euXzrQ andhttp://bit.ly/dO4hL1

3.5.13 [beta, relatively stable]

- SVG import from "E" panel. It is a bit raw, needs testing - http://bit.ly/dRpeVs ,http://bit.ly/e4OUGn

- Quality of voxel drawing with "E" panel curves/lasso improved a lot.

- Al lot of small bugfixes to make 3D-Coat more stable, recovering from problems of 3.5.12

3.5.12 [beta, not stable]

- I improved image picker a lot. This is how it looks/works now - http://bit.ly/hKF7Vz

- Voxel surface layers will be correctly baked with occlusion (including not voxelized layers).

- I made that merging without voxelizing will create 1 volume per object for convenience. OBJ files from Wings3D with instancing supported.

- I made much more accurate fading on edges while getting back projection from Photoshop (or other) - http://bit.ly/fqs2I6

- Options.xml is splitted onto several logical parts to avoid loosing important data if you deleted it.

- Support of FBX export/import done.

- Bug-reporting system after crashes restored.

- I made painting over edge to be anti-aliased even in not "Fade on edge" mode - http://bit.ly/fP4rAs

- Topological symmetry problem in microvertex mode fixed - http://bit.ly/gUautz

- Fixed problem of incorrect behavior of objects/materials palette - http://bit.ly/hMz0XF

- Slider problem resolved - http://bit.ly/fUFmMN

- "Apply blending" problem solved - http://bit.ly/f0Q5ak

- Fixed problem of adding Masks folder - http://bit.ly/gnxTBs

- The interface problem related to floating windows fixed - http://bit.ly/dKDaIx

- Fixed "Auto-scale" in UV room problem - http://bit.ly/gsMzSj

- "New" will reset primitives and merge tool - http://bit.ly/eI76YO

- Fixed automapping bug - http://bit.ly/g4hRTn



- I made possibility [optional] to merge mesh into voxel scene without actual voxelization. It will appear in voxel surface mode and will be voxelized when you will turn it to voxel mode. It is important milestone for future implementation of dynamic tesselation and high-poly booleans that may change the face of digital sculpting. In it's current state it is convenient for instancing, but it's actual power is in possibilities that this new approach opens.

- I made much better algorithm for adding external normalmap + painted depth in ppp. No artifacts appear there - http://bit.ly/fCaC8m

- Leaks problem discovered and improved - http://bit.ly/i8hzgC

- I made primitives controls a bit more convenient - it will always be possible to rotate camera + arrows will never become too small.

- UV packing problem with overlapped UV islands resolved - http://bit.ly/dKI4zz

- The longstanding problem of rough normals [http://bit.ly/eJZCA2] in suraface mode finally solved.

- The smoothing issue fixed - http://bit.ly/fC9MvJ

- Export dense quads problem fixed - http://bit.ly/icpG9K

- The spacing issue fixed - http://bit.ly/flnejA

- Fixed smoothing problem in voxel surface mode - http://bit.ly/euHNlU

- The problem related to ZB brushes importing from folder resolved - http://bit.ly/gIDUQT


- I made support of COPY-PASTE in UV tool - http://bit.ly/e1hFqU . It is useful to perform UV mapping over repeatable or symmetric details.

- Fixed problem of incorrect scale when using Voxels->Toggle proxy. It was the reason of all problems with proxy scale.

- 3D-Coat will paint with cavity detection a lot faster.

- I made that subdivide individual faces in retopo room will not destroy UV-coordinates - http://bit.ly/gk8Ey5

- I fixed problem of deleting face while collapsing edge with RMB - http://bit.ly/evJiwy

- Splines export problem fixed - http://bit.ly/hiQuKO

- I made ALT+eye click to work correctly with instances.

- bug fixed - http://bit.ly/edFmCe

- Compatibility with OBJ files from Rhino improved (ending slashes supported, if line is long Rhino places \ and continues on the next line).

- I updated OBJ files support. Now you will be able to import color, specular, normal, displacement during OBJ import. There is document that describes changes - http://bit.ly/gUUi45

3.5.09 [beta]

- Wrap tool essentially updated - look several examples - http://bit.ly/fRHtIv http://bit.ly/hOgkon http://bit.ly/gY92cM

- I made much much better preview of cube-mapped material in paint room. It will be easy to place cube-mapped material over the model. Bugs related to loosing control panel in cube mapping mode fixed too.

- Fixed problem in retopo strokes tool that happened because of instancing introduction.

- possibility to upload turntables to YouTube (as always,95% is done by webmaster in this area)

- Fixed crash while baking subdivided mesh from retopo room - http://bit.ly/ha2nKx

- Resample + undo/redo bug fixed - http://bit.ly/h3S6Hl

- 2D snapping problem fixed - http://bit.ly/gvcVBt

- I corrected painting strips in voxel room, it was too messy.

- Fixed problem with big sphere drawing/primitive in non CUDA mode (especially important for Mac)

- Full support of selecting invisible objects. You may select and operate over them, but can't change them.

- I fixed problem with proxy scaling. Additional advantage is possibility to transform object in proxy mode that will be applied to the object

- 3DC will respect negative volumes in Merge tool, instancing mode

3.5.08 [beta]

- Support of instancing (Look Instancer toll + new check box in Merge tool). It opens possibility to use one volume multiple times in scene without additional memory consumption. For example you may do several bricks and made building of them and scene will be still very light and only initial bricks will take memory. In so way you may manage really huge scenes if they can be decomposed into less count of basic elements. Scene in viewport will also be rendered faster because of much less video memory consumption. It is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling, sometimes - for organic (scales, teeth).

- Arbitrary change resolution of voxel volume done. You may change mesh resolution to any given number of polygons.

- All big numbers in all tools will be written in readable form - like 31 765 321 (compare with 31765321)

- Fixed bug - http://bit.ly/gdMy7t

- Smudge artifacts problem solved - http://bit.ly/hYAmn6

- fixed issue http://bit.ly/el7NLV

- fixed 3B-file merge related issue - http://bit.ly/eVUT57

3.5.07 [beta]

- I made possibility to paint through object, start stroke besides object or end stroke besides object - http://bit.ly/dQFJPQ

- Also stroke will never dive into object, it will be drawn over it's top, it gathers advantages from both - projection and direct painting.

- 3D-Coat will store changed data to User's folder and will not change initially installed files, so will not require admin's rights.

- Found and fixed one brushing performance problem.

- Problem with "Interpolate" in voxels (carve especially) fixed.

changes during 3.5.06 evolution:

- Specular contrast/brightness in Layer options will work more correctly. I also add "Copy channels" to layers RMB menu.

- I made support of multiple UV sets in retopo room.

- Only visible faces will be baked in retopo tool during baking operations.

- Fixed bug in normalmap-based shader baking.

- I made possibility to save separate voxel layers as 3B files (with subtree or no).

- Fixed problem of "dots" using File->Export->High-poly mesh

- New option in brush settings - "Keep color along stroke" to be able to draw fur-like textures.

3.5.06 [beta]

- In paint mode and voxel surface mode you will be able to choose style of brushing-new one with smooth stroke shape and self intersection like in PS or rather old-style (but improved) with strict following alpha shape (but with strict self intersection).

- I improved a lot Model/Splines tabs in Voxel room. You will be able to add new profiles, drag volumes/external objects to that windows, Add/delete/rename items/folders. Importing spline profile is now very user-friendly. It is possible using Drag&drop or VoxTree RMB menu.

- Hue, Saturation, Lightness jitters are implemented in Brush options panel

- Extrude - like tools in voxel improved - they work will in lines mode (snap to surface) + more uniform stroke.

- Depth painting quality in ppp improved a LOT, now it is very smooth and accurate.

- Rapid/scratches/mud brushes tuned to be more "clay-like"\

- fixed incorrect painting in single polygon painting mode.

- resolved issue - http://bit.ly/gQSfqR

- Fill tool, fill with smooth will work correctly with smoothing opacity.

- Eraser corrected to work closer to PS-style

- fixed big slowdown in "Change mesh and texture resolution"

- updated specifications of AppLinks, now it is possible to skip export dialog and drop spline profile to 3D-Coat.

3.5.05 [beta]

- new brush engine in native voxels (but CUDA mode is not 100% optimized). Strips supported in voxels.

- I made much better projection connector with external image editor. It will fade edges accurately, imported image will be more accurate. It will be possible to apply projection through object if need.

- Ptex related bug fixed - http://bit.ly/anEWvf

- Undo bug fixed - http://bit.ly/bBUsfs

- I have fixed important problem of holes while sculpting - http://bit.ly/ddCGkz

3.5.04 [beta]:

- New brush engine in paint and voxel surface modes. Native voxels are still untouched. The main purpose was to make strokes cleaner and smoother.

- New brushes: Scratches, Mud, Inflate

- Every tool stores own brush/alpha. It can be turned off in preferences.

- Fixed OSX clipboard memory leak problem.

- Fixed bug - incorrect export of world space normalmap when normalmap layer is present.

- SL-related prolem solved - http://bit.ly/bZYJHL

- Depth based shaders will work in ortho mode too.

- Fixed bleeding problem while exporting PSD with just current layer.

3.5.03 [beta]:

- Loading for ppp, change map resolution, Apply UV, Fill tool are now multicore optimized and work much faster.

- New tool in voxels - clone. It acts like cut&clone but skips cutting.

- Hiding/showing all but this layer using ALT will work for everything that has eye icon - retopo, objects, materials, voxels, paint layer.

- I made ZB-like navigation preset just for big ZB fans.

- SHIFT-axis-snapping while navigation done

- I made reading of OBJ files a lot faster

- 3D-Coat will detect tablet pressure levels count automatically.

- experimental option for voxels export - export as dense quads. Possibly it will be helpful to bring raw meshes to ZB.

- Fixed problem of deleting sub-objects in paint room.

- Fixed possible hang in autoretopo tool.

- The issue http://bit.ly/cJ9QrC fixed.

- The issue http://bit.ly/9BLAD4 fixed

3.5.02 [beta]:

- 2 new powerful tools in paint room (Layers menu) - Clamp depth and Copy channels. Both respect freeze. Copy channel allows to copy any channel (R,G,B,Luminosity,Alpha,Specular,Depth) to any other channel of any layer. Copying masked by freeze.

- more optimizations over speed, fixed most problems and instability issues from previous build.

- docked windows will not be lost when you are dropping new object in 3dc with drag&drop

3.5.01 [beta]:

- essential speedup in per-pixel, microvertex and ptex mode

- speedup in voxel surface mode

- overall speedup everywhere

- new specifications for AppLinks - see http://www.3d-coat.c...LinkUpdated.doc

- Better numerical controls for transform gizmo, several useful improvements there

- better Auto UV mapping

It is first step in using TBB, I will do more.

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Thanks I did see the Brushes tab, you're right it does make more sense to call it Brushes instead of Pens.

Possibly related to this, I just noticed the the retopo Brush tool has also been renamed to Brushes. That sounds like a mistake since it doesn't make any sense for it to be plural.

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Possibly related to this, I just noticed the the retopo Brush tool has also been renamed to Brushes. That sounds like a mistake since it doesn't make any sense for it to be plural.

It's a typo. We're working on it. :)

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Move brush really useable other than in sufrace mode, reaaaally appreciated. The few naming changes are also more intelligible, good work, it's much needed :)

Sym copy and voxel brushes are really fast too. I think I can finally let go a bit the surface brushes :) Thanks Andrew I really like what you've done here, I hope second pass push it further :drinks:

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Happy to hear all these good developments, I just love to be able to spontaneously throw clay and paint it right away. The autoretopo makes it possible to do this quite fast without too much knowledge and finetuning I believe. The trick seems to be how to retain the sharp edges and fine tails in the model?

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Here is an updated "English" .xml file that has the change from "Brushes" to "Brush". Just substitute this file for the one found in /Languages/English.xml.

Thanks Greg, I'm out and just on my phone now but I'll check that out when I get home.

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Thanks so much for "knocking yourself out" on this update. So many great improvements. There is an incredible speed increase with all of the Voxel Tools that I have tried on my Sony laptop.

3D-Coat is really getting usable for many many things that were impossible to do so quickly before.


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Thanks so much for "knocking yourself out" on this update. So many great improvements. There is an incredible speed increase with all of the Voxel Tools that I have tried on my Sony laptop.

3D-Coat is really getting usable for many many things that were impossible to do so quickly before.


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seems like great strides in speeding up the Paint room, Andrew! (well done!)

Anybody else having a pretty slow time in the Render room? It now seems about

80% slower than it used to be (rendering from Per-Pixel, so no real geometry there

on my sub-5000triangle model) and 'rays per frame' seems to take over 1 second per 10-unit

increment...almost like a memory leak is going on.

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seems like great strides in speeding up the Paint room, Andrew! (well done!)

Anybody else having a pretty slow time in the Render room? It now seems about

80% slower than it used to be (rendering from Per-Pixel, so no real geometry there

on my sub-5000triangle model) and 'rays per frame' seems to take over 1 second per 10-unit

increment...almost like a memory leak is going on.

I don't know, but object loading is horrendous today....10 mins and still counting just merging a voxel model (RAM is not an issue...it's not multi=threaded either...just one core working only about 25%).
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Hey Don. :)

That's awfully weird! I can't say why you're having those issues, I wonder what could be causing it? I've been doing almost nothing but merging external meshes, and it seems pretty fast here. Admittedly I'm not using completely crazy high res meshes though for merging, usually low to mid poly stuff. Maybe that's it?

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Andrew, no matter how hard this community push and pull you towards our 'impossible' to reach desires, you continue to deliver. The comparison to other "major" players seems like a joke, like the Mudbox guys which publicly admitted how much they avoid adding 3D-space editing operations due to its "complexity" - for instance, a simple "smear" brush, which 3DCoat has had for ages.

Way to go man, awesome rithm between adding new features and substantially improving previous ones. :good:

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Tocentermass and to toboundCenter are awesome improvement for voxel design!Ive been waiting for those since forever. Big thanx!! :)

Also speed in surface mode is very noticable.Im having a blast on a 30mil sculpt with my cheap quad and only 6g of ram,very good framerate. :brush:

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