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Garagarape sketchbook


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Aniow, thanks!

It is only booleans + patience.

The stabilization pack and the air tank are done.

Now I wonder if there are other stuff that divers

uses. I only know the old days when the diving

devices were more simple.

Let's sculpt the diver and his suits.


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Baked the symmetric parts of the stabilization pack.

I aimed to use a group in retopo room for symmetric stuff

and another group for the asymmetric parts.

But didn't managed to build polygons in a group

by snapping on the other group polygon's

(it works with "quad", but not with "add vertice" tool).

Has somebody a trick to solve this problem?

Another thing is that it's impossible to set symmetry

for a group and set it off for an other.

"On", "Off" works only for the whole scene.

I exported half model in Maya, instanced it (-X), merged

and re-imported the whole in 3dCoat.

If somebody knows another way, please tell me about it!


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