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Hey guys.
I released a new version (link in topic header)


What's new:

- Supported Maya 2011+ (32/64) win/linux/osx (requires PyQt/PySide)
- All GUI moved to Pymel and Qt
- Support for object hierarchies and rotation/scale pivots
- Copy/Replace mode




The applink has been rewritten with using Pymel and Qt4. That means it won't work with Maya version lower than 2011. For Maya 2011/2012 you have to install PyQT/PySide, choose which one you like, both of them are supported by the code. Versions 2013+ have PyQt/PySide modules out of the box, so you don't have to worry about it.


Here you can find an additional information regarding installation PyQt for Maya 2011/2012:


This release introduces a couple new import features such as support for object hierarchies/pivots and "Copy/Replace shape" mode.


You can do now export objects from hierarchy and import them back with the same transformations and pivot positions. It should work in most cases, but could be some minor issues.


Use "Replace Shape" button for toggling import modes. When "Replace" mode is active, applink will replace an old mesh with a new one. If you uncheck the button, the tool will use copying mechanism, meaning you save your old mesh shape with all extra attributes, expressions ans etc., but topology will be changed.




P.S. Don't forget to change you exchange folder in Options tab. It has to reference to correct 3dcoat exchange directory. For instance, if you have installed version 4.5, the path should be "Documents/3D-CoatV45/Exchange" and so on.

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After setting up the 3dcoat path and the exchange path in the options i've been able to import from maya into 3d coat.


How do i go from 3d coat back to maya?


I'm using 4.5.28 and maya 2016


In the video it shows a 3d coat menu item that says "open object in external program" but i guess they've changed that


Thanks for this awesome tool !



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I'm having trouble getting this to work. Using Edu version of 2016, plugin shows in plugin manager but gives me:

// Error: line 1: ApplinkError: file /Users/Stephen/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/2016/plug-ins/3dc_applink.py line 57: Registration failed for <coatExport> command. // 
// Warning: line 1: Failed to call script initialize function // 
// Error: line 1:  (3dc_applink) // 

I'm on OSX10.9.5 btw

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Hey Styler, for some reason when I updated to the latest 3DCoat version 4.5.38 your script now works.  Sorry for any consternation I might've caused :)

I'm on Win7 64Bit

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I keep getting the error - Warning: <Applink> No information for processing import" when i try to press the import button in the maya script

Check applink settings. 3dcoat version and exchange folder in "My Documents" must be the equivalent

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I just installed 3D-Coat AppLink for Maya.

When I hit the button "Load plugin" in Maya I getting an error:

// pymel.internal.factories : MFnDagNode.model is deprecated
// pymel.core : Updating pymel with pre-loaded plugins: DirectConnect, mayaHIK, AbcImport, tiffFloatReader, VectorRender, gpuCache, rotateHelper, Substance, MayaMuscle, AutodeskPacketFile, autoLoader, fbxmaya, matrixNodes, ik2Bsolver, modelingToolkit, OpenEXRLoader, ikSpringSolver, Mayatomr, AbcExport, ArubaTessellator, quatNodes, mayaCharacterization, OneClick, retargeterNodes, sceneAssembly
// Warning: pymel.internal.factories : could not create a PyNode for manipulator type nexManip // 
// Error: line 1: UnicodeDecodeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\bin\python27.zip\json\encoder.py line 384: utf8 // 
// Warning: line 1: Failed to run file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2014/bin/plug-ins/3dc_applink.py // 
# Error: pymel : Failed to get controlCommand list from 3dc_applink # 
# Error: pymel : Failed to get modelEditorCommand list from 3dc_applink # 
# Error: pymel : Failed to get command list from 3dc_applink # 
# Error: pymel : Failed to get constraintCommand list from 3dc_applink # 
# Error: pymel.core : Failed to get depend nodes list from 3dc_applink # 
// Error: line 1:  (3dc_applink) // 


What is the reason for the error?


I'm using Maya 2014 SP3.

I made install like below:

Copy file "3dc_applink.py" from "plug-ins" folder ( depend on Maya version ) to ..\Maya20xx\bin\plug-ins
Copy whole folders "icons", "shelves" to ..\My Documents\maya\20xx\prefs



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4 hours ago, kayan said:

I'm using Maya is 2010.

So? Do You know what could be the problem?

Documentation says "Supported: Maya 2011+ (32/64)".

On my friends computers Applink is working with Maya 2014.


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