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sorry for not getting back sooner.

On my end I didn't see any bugs in the log. And here's the interesting part - after trying to make it work for an hour or so I gave up and removed the applink. To my surprise when I launched 3DC a bit later it started with a mesh I've wanted to transfer via applink.

So it seems I might have given up too early - I'll try to make it work again in a near future. It would come in handy as I've started using 3DC a bit more recently and a way to quickly move models between 3DC and Modo would come in handy.
In a future I hope that Foundry will open up a method they use for Unreal a bit and also hope 3DC would be able to use such option - of course if it will mean we'll get transfers from app to an app faster and more reliable ;) .

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the Unreal method uses a binary plugin, not a script. Doesn't make a difference really as AFAIK Python has full SDK access in Modo. I could use a working Modo applink as I am currently doing a tutorial series on Youtube and when i hit the UV mapping and texturing part, I'm going to be doing that in 3dcoat.

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