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9 hours ago, kenmo said:

Cool updates... Can I ask what software you use for photo scanning?



Photoscan Standard version. $180.00 US dollars.  This version will do most everything a general 3D artist needs. The outputted mesh can be in the millions of polygons or decimated. 

The quality of your mesh, depends upon a lots of factors not addressed here. I have learned more since these images were posted.  Though if looking for a quick scan mesh just to have a base to start from the process is not as involved and works well. Sometimes you want a quick mesh to start sculpting on in 3DC. You are not so worried about noise on the mesh and do not need the textures. That process only takes a cell phone camera. For quality scans I use a Sony a6000 that will shoot in the Raw format.

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Thanks kindly for the reply....Appreciate it...

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Since getting my computer back, brushing up on Photogrammery again. 

Agisoft Photoscan or Metashape as it is called now.

First picture,  Photoscan.

2nd picture, 3DC render room low polygon version with 2k textures and normal map.

Textures or not delighted but will be. Looking at Unity's delighting tool. 



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